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Apocalypse Now Film Review

Apocalypse Now Film Review

A thousand reviews have been written about Apocalypse Now, so what have I got to add? Undoubtedly one of the greatest films ever, the Directors Cut made it too long, but the original is still one of favourites.

The story on one mans search for a renegade colonel operating behind enemy lines in Vietnam, Apocalypse Now has a series of set-pieces that's set a new standard for war films. The air cav attack on the Viet Cong Village, the chaotic Playboy Bunnies show, and the climatic execution of Colonel Kurtz.

What does Apocalypse Now teach us about the Vietnam war? It was chaotic and misguided, moral leadership was lost and the need to win a political victory was impossible without the right military resources and tactics.

But the film is exciting, a roller coaster ride that gave us a glimpse into one of the greatest tragedies of the late 20th Century, and the depths humans can fall to.

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