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Who Moved My Cheese? Book Review

This Book By Dr. Spencer Johnson Is A Survival Guide For Change In The Modern World

What? Who moved my cheese? What sort of title is that for a management book? What has cheese of all things got to do with my life, apart from giving me bad dreams?

Well, read this book and you'll find that finding new cheese has quite a lot to do with happiness actually, and I must admit then Spencer Johnson's book helped me through some difficult parts of my life, both personal and business wise.

So what's it all about? The book starts off with a discussion amongst some high-school friends getting back together before their reunion, discussing how their lives have changed since school, and in many cases in ways that they weren't expecting and weren't happy about.

One of the friends relates a tale that he had heard some years before, that had helped him out, and he proceeds to tell the people around him the story of Hem, Haw, Sniff & Scurry, and their search for happiness in a mythical maze, where many wonderful varieties of cheese are hidden.

It's all about how humans don't react well to change in their lives, don't know how to react to it, and often don't know how to make their lives better & happier in the face of change.

In the story, the two mice, Sniff & Scurry, when faced with the cheese running out, simply put on their running shoes, venture out into the maze and start looking for new cheese. The two humans, Hem & Haw, at first can't believe the cheese has gone, get angry about it, hope it will somehow come back, and generally don't do anything about looking for a new supply of cheese. (Happiness).

The characters in the story, although simple, with have many echoes in real life, we have all behaved in similair ways at points in our lives when our careers or personal lives have reached a low point. What do we do? Get out there and try to react to the change by changing things or ourselves? Or do we often just rally against the forces of change, stuck in our ways, unwilling to explore new avenues, techniques and strategems?

In Who Moved My Cheese, Haw learns how to cope with the change in his life, and even starts to preempt it, expecting the unforeseen and welcoming it, but it is a difficult journey, and he has difficulty persuading his friend, Hem to understand and change too.

Where can we apply the lessons learned from this book? In almost every facet of our lives, from failing personal relationship, challenges in our careers or businesses and how we live our lives day to day.

Change is the only constant in the 21st Century, and "Who Moved My Cheese?" is an excellent handbook for those willing to learn to apdapt to change.

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