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Dreamweaver MX by Josph Lowery Review

Dreamweaver MX by Joseph Lowery Review

I used to be a Frontpage man through and through. Having used Microsoft software for most of my computing life, I found it easy to use Frontapage and its MS Word-like features, and produced several acceptable, money-making websites.

I wanted more. Too lazy to learn to hand-code with HTML, I wanted to use Dreamweaver. In all of the Websmaster forums, people swore by the fact that Dreamweaver produced great web-pages, with clean codes, it was great for large sites, and had extra features. Great, I thought. But could I use it? No way! Several times I fired up my copy of Dreamweaver MX only to give up a few hours later and go back to my trusty Frontpage. Dreamweaver was just too different!

This book changed all that, The Dreamweaver MX , by Joseph W. Lowery. I finnaly decided to actually invest in a book to help me at least start with Dreamweaver, and this book was the one. It did its job. I'm not saying I'm an expert, far from it, but Mr. Lowery helped me to convert from Frontpage to Dreamwaver, and I'm now enjoying website design much more. My sites are cleaner, and it is so easy to add to and to update them.

The book covers all the basics, from Web Design and Layout, to using some of the more advanced features like Library elements and Data-Base driven sites. It is all well written and concise, with plenty of pictures of screenshots to help you along. In a matter of hours I was designing web-pages with Dreamweaver that were far superior to anything I had done with Frontapage, and in a fraction of the time.

I'd like to thank Mr Lowery at this point for his book, and would recommend it to any webmaster who is struggling to make that change from Frontpage to Dreamweaver. Do, you won't regret it.

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