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Jeremy Clarkson "Don't Stop Me Now" Book Review

Compilation of His Newspaper Columns That Comes Together Rather Nicely

Dont Stop Me Now

Ha! I can imagine our man Clarkson (on the book cover he isn't Jeremy - he's plain "Clarkson") reading the above title and shouting, "Comes Together NICELY??? It's ANYTHING BUT NICE!!" But it is you see. The thought of reading 60 articles culled from his Sunday Times column filled me with dread (boredom) but I have to admit that most of the time it was a funny and interesting. A nice read to be left on the coffee table or in the loo for when you've got a spare five minutes (or if you run out of paper).

I got this book for Christmas, and I, like millions of other males of a certain age, quite like Clarkson. Actually, I'm going to call him Jeremy from now on. I'm sure he'll hate it.

Jeremy is quite funny on top gear, and I don't know if he's got anything to do with it, but the Producers at the BBC have turned the once boring car review program into must-see Sunday Night viewing.

It's just that he's also a bit of a p#$£k, christ, how can you moan about the seats not going back far enough when you're seven feet tall? (He does that a lot in this book.)

Anyway, apart from it being a crime that they release this type of book in hard-back, lets get on with reviewing the damn thing.

Let's take a closer look.



Jeremy WHO? CLARKSON! Opinionated journalist, TV presenter and family man who doesn't shy away from telling it like it is. Well, his way. He once kept a Lighting Jet Fighter in his front garden.

Champion of our four-wheeled friends, maybe he's right when he says "You know why the Millennium Dome was a failure? No car park." Too right.

Our lives revolve around our ability to travel around in cars - yet why is so much of our money not being spent on a) Improving and building better roads, b) Coming up with a "green" car that everybody can afford to buy?

If you want a real laugh (honestly) check out Clarkson's Wikipedia Entry.

Sunday Times Logo

What's the book all about? It's a compilation of Jeremy's Sunday Times Columns from the last few years.

Don't be fooled into thinking these are in-depth car reviews, oh no. Each chapter, or article is about 4 pages long, with only usually the last page being devoted to the car. The rest of it is our Jezza's musings and opinions on life, what's happened to him in the last week, and other humorous happenings and observations.

If we were to try to condense a typical Clarkson article in one sentence it would be something like this:

"Went into the big smoke yesterday and was appalled by all the bloody parking attendants around Whitehall, they were like Spanish mosquito's over a British Tourists' drunken slumber, by the way the drivers seat in the new Maserati doesn't slide back far enough."

You get the idea.

Peugeot 1007

Jeremy on the Sliding Door Peugeot 10007:

"The 1007, then, is the motoring world's cicada. Blessed with only one notable feature which, at best, is useless and at worse isn't notable at all."


Jeremy on the 250mph Bugatti Veyron:

"It is a triumph of lunacy over common sense, a triumph for man over nature and a triumph for Volkswagen over every other car maker in the world."


Jeremy on the Maserati Quattroporte:

"I stepped inside and, after a bit of fumbling among a dizzying array of buttons, found the switch that slides the set backwards. It didn't work. At first I assumed this might be because it was Italian, and therefore broken, but in fact the seat was as far back as it would go. Which wasn't far enough."

Reading this book is a bit like smoking cigars after you've given up cigarettes, you now it's bad for you, but they're good to have a small doses.

Buy it for your Dad, Brother, Uncle, Son, its a good read and has many laugh out loud moments. Just don't buy the hard-back.

Buy Don't Stop Me Now from Amazon.co.uk. If you must.

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