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Deception Point by Dan Brown Book Review

NASA Finds A Metorite With Evidence Of Alien Life Inside - But Is It Too Much Of A Coincidence That The President Needs This Discovery To Keep In Office?

Deception Point Book CoverI have a bit of a love / hate relationship with Dan Browns books - I'm hesitant to start reading them because of the way he promotes them as "based on real facts" but when I get into reading the books I have to finish them, even though the plots are preposterous, because they are such good thrillers.

Deception Point has probably the best story of any of his books, as in the best Conspiracy Theory Traditions, he picks on NASA, and the idea that not all they tell us is true. From the Apollo Lunar Landings to recent shuttle disasters there are those who really believe that these things didn't happen. That Neil Armstrong was filmed on a studio set in Nevada , and Nasa would do anything to keep itself funded.

The plot behind this book is set just before Presidential elections, with the incumbent President a staunch supporter of NASA, even though it is failing in many ways. His main opponent is running on a ticket to abolish NASA and hand over space exploration to private companies.

Just when it seems like NASA's incompetence will cost the President his job, a new Earth-Monitoring Satellite discovers a meteorite buried in a Glacier, and that Meteorite may contain evidence of life outside our planet.

As Nasa and independent Civilian scientist's line up to confirm the Meteorites extra-terrestrial origins, Rachel Sexton is sent by the President to verify the findings to the White House Staff.

What she finds is more questions than answers, as the whole discovery is put under the spotlight, and those who need the meteorite to be believed defend the theory with deadly force.

We then have some great chapters where the story unravels and Brown gives a real feeling of the frictions and rivalries between different US Govt Departments.

Overall a riveting if shallow thriller that should hold you from cover to cover. Recommended.

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