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Angels and Demons Book Review

Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown, Book Review

Try and forget the hype around The Da Vinci Code, try and forget that Mr Brown appears to believe that his stories are semi-factual and based on scientific truth (they're not). Try and forget that these books get criticised as pulp fiction. Just read "Angels and Demons" and enjoy.

Like most of Dan Browns novels, the plot is centred around a conspiracy theory, that an ancient organisation, the "Illuminati" are hell bent on destroying the Roman Catholic Church and organised religion as a whole, and what happens when the Illuminati hatches a plan that actually might work, after spending hundreds of years in the shadows, gathering strength, infiltrating their enemy, and preparing for the final confrontation.

In this novel, our hero, Robert Langdon, is dragged in to help the Chief Director of CERN (the European particle physics laboratory) discover the truth behind the grisly murder of one of their top scientists, and the theft of a deadly weapon.

In Angels and Demons Dan Brown isn't trying to force a higher truth or enlighten the reader into the falsehoods and miss-truths that dog the church (or any other large organisation), yes we do get fascinating background history into the Illuminati, and the Churches attempts to suppress scientific progress that we now take for granted. However the Church is always given a voice to express the good it brings to the world, and how our modern lives of consumerism have lost the spirituality that we once had.

Quite simply this book is a good thriller. I won't give away any of the plot twists, just take it from me that if you enjoy a quick read that isn't too taxing on the brain, but will keep you entertained for a few hours, then "Angels and Demons" will not disappoint.

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