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Which Type Of Bluetooth Hands Free Kit Should You Buy For Your Car?

There Are Many Different Styles - In-Ear, Dashboard Mounted, What Is Best?

We all know that it is now illegal to hold and use a mobile or cell phone while the engine of your car is running - and really it's best not to use a phone in your car at all, but there are times when you need to, so a Blue Tooth hands-free device is necessary, but what type to choose.

First I guess it depends on your budget. The cheapest types of systems are the in-ear or headset types, starting off at about £20. These devices can be used anywhere, in the car, office, home, or just when walking down the road. Rechargeable, make sure that your phone is compatible and that the device feels comfortable when on your head. Although initially the headset type of Bluetooth solution may seem attractive, they are not the best solution for your car. When the unit takes a call, you have to press the device to accept, turn your stereo down, and then you can talk. Not ideal, and it really is taking away your concentration from the road for too long. But if you're on a budget, the headset type may be good for you.

Next up are the dedicated, fitted Bluetooth in-car kits. More expensive than headsets, and in your car permanently, these are the best solution for using your mobile phone while driving. Most are small, unobtrusive, and include microphones for clear calls. Some just have a separate speaker (not ideal), but the best connect to the rear of your car audio system, so when a call comes in the music is muted for a pleasant conversation. The best solution by far.

A compromise between the headset and built in types of car kits are the clip-on types. These fix onto the vents or sun visor in your car, are rechargeable are easily transferred between vehicles. Not the perfect solution, but worth looking at if you use lots of different cars as part of your job.

Finally there are the Satellite Navigation systems that have built in Bluetooth hands free kits. These may be expensive, but look at what you're getting. A GPS device to get you where you want to go, most have speed-camera warnings built in, and a Bluetooth hands-free kit to keep you legal. Transferable, will run off the cars cigar lighter, and combines three useful features into one device. If you're thinking about getting a GPS device anyway, get one that has Bluetooth built in and you'll be laughing. Good examples would be the Tomtom 510, 710 or 910, or the excellent Nuvi 310 or 660.

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