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Parrot MK6000 Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit With Audio Streaming

Will You Make The Most Of The Extra Features In This More Expensive Mobile Phone Hands Free Kit?

Parrot MK6000If you're browsing through your local electrical store looking for a Bluetooth hands-free kit for your car, you'll probably come across the Parrot CK 3000 Evolution, the Parrot 3200Ls and the MK 6000. A t first glance you can see why the 3200 is more expensive than the CK3000 - it has a colour screen - but why oh why is the MK600 almost twice the price of its similar looking, yet much cheaper cousin?

The Parrot MK 6000 is one of the most advanced Bluetooth Hands-Free kits available today, and it also is capable of A2DP music streaming, via Bluetooth, from a compatible MP3 player / audio source. What does this mean? Well let's break it down and examine the hands-free parts of the device first, then look at the audio streaming next.

The MK 6000 will pair to any Bluetooth compatible phone, and you will be able to use any voice recognition "voice-prints" you've stored on the phone to make true hands-free calls, plus you can train the Parrot to learn its own voice prints for better quality - and it will also act as a handy back-up for your contacts. The Parrot also uses a twin microphone system for very clear calls - it has built in noise reduction and echo cancellation, full duplex (talk and listen at same time).

Now let's get into the more advanced features of the hands-free kit. The MK6000 can automatically synchronise with you address book, and read out the names you select! Pretty cool, eh! But, if you're interested in buying a MK6000, you are looking at the audio streaming capability. Basically your Bluetooth mp3 player / phone (if A2DP compatible) can stream music to your existing car stereo via the Parrot - so you're getting MP3's through your old radio without having to buy a new one.

So, in conclusion, if you're in the market for a Bluetooth hands-free kit for legal mobile phone use, and have an A2DP compatible MP3 player / phone, then it's worth looking at the Parrot MK6000, otherwise I'd say stick with the cheaper CK3000 evo.

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I am looking at buying a Parrot MK6100 hands free car kit... If I had a bluetooth adapter on my ipod would they be compatible? I have found a Jabra A125S bluetooth Ipod adaptor, but before buying I wanted to check.
Thanks. Gemma.

I've done a bit of research and can't find a definitive answer - try contacting Jabra.


Sorry, the Ipod doesn't support streaming via Bluetooth.

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