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Parrot Minikit Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker Review

Almost All The Functionality Of The CK3000 Evo - yet Transferable!

Parrot MinikitWe all know that when it comes to quality hands-free kits for your Bluetooth Mobile / Cell Phone, Parrot have a very good record, and the Minikit is no exception. Despite it's misleading name, this is a Hands-Free Speaker Phone type of device that can be used at home, office, in the car, anywhere where you don't want to (or can't) hold your mobile phone. It ships with a metal clip to fix it to your sun-visor, but it could also sit on the dash-board, whatever you prefer.

Let's get the boring bits out of the way first. The Mini-kit uses a 2 way speaker, Omni directional microphone, dsp-2 signal processing algorithms, supports HSP, HFP & OPP (whatever that means) and is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.

More interestingly the Parrot Minikit has a rechargeable battery (home charger included) that will give you about 10 hours of talk time or 275 hours of standby - and it has a range of about 10 feet. Now let's see have good it is!

This is no simple Bluetooth speaker - the Minikit has most of the features on the installed CK3000 - very unusual for this type of device. It can use the voice-prints from your phone, or you can transfer the numbers from your mobile to the Parrot, and train it with new phrases for improved performance. It doesn't stop there though, you can have multiple numbers per contact - mobile, home, office, etc, very cool.

To get it working just put your phone into paring mode and turn on the Minikit, they should pair up and you're ready to talk. To answer call just press the green button, and to hang up the red. To make your own calls, press the green button, and say the name of whom you want to call - simple, safe & legal.

The Parrot Minikit also has a handy navigation wheel on the front, which can be used to change options, or to select menus when phoning automated call centres, but the use of this while driving is not legal or recommended.

In use I found the Parrot Minikit a joy to use - calls were loud & clear, it worked well with my Nokia and the battery out-lasted the length of the review. Ok, it's more expensive than some other Bluetooth Speaker offerings, and it won't mute your cars radio speakers - but everything else is well up to the standard we've come to expect from Parrot, so I'm convinced.

If you're looking for a transferable Bluetooth hands-free kit for your car / home / office, go for a Parrot Minikit hands-free speaker phone, you won't be disappointed, Parrot Hands Free Kits are among the best.

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I bought a 'Parrot Minikit' after trying various other 'transferable' handsfree devices and I am very pleased with the ease of use!
 Setting up was simple enough, I firstly charged the unit via the mains charger then set it up with the printed user guide which comes with the unit.
 There is a car charger supplied with the unit too!
 I am about to purchase another 'Parrot Minikit' for the wife to use! Its that simple to use !!! RP.


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