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Parrot CK3100 is truly one of the most advanced handsfree kits - Review

Parrot CK3100

Parrot ck3100Handsfree kits have attained utmost significance all across the globe with cell phone bans coming into the picture. Your first glimpse at Parrot CK3100 will make you think of it as a simple Bluetooth car kit but your further experience will make you realize as to how powerful this kit is when it comes to performance.

In fact Parrot CK3100 is the first handsfree kit that provides drivers with visual information and functions that they routinely use from their personal phone. The superior and intelligent user interface LCD display shows the phonebook and call ID information whenever you receive a call. Easy to integrate and operate it is also compatible with almost all Bluetooth phones.

The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 and its Handsfree Console is an upgraded version of the older Parrot CK3000 bit now offers the facility to provide drivers with visual information and functions that they routinely use from their personal phone. For £65 it well deserves to be tagged as one of the most powerful of kits at such less a price. With CK3100 you not need to have a cradle, wires or any batteries. The unit is made to be powered by the cigarette lighter power point in your car. Once you insert it you'll understand why it looks like a golf club. You can move it around so the speaker points to your direction. There are only two buttons, a volume switch and a blue LED.

Like all parrot car kits this one too excels when it comes to sound quality. Bestowed with Digital Signal Processing; Echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies it ensures crystal clear conversations purging all the background noises. Not to forget the voice recognition technology, excellent phonebook synchronisation, Volume control functions. Remember after all it can be installed in any vehicle. ISO connection cables that allow easy connection to your car stereo if your car does not support the standard ISO connection. I have been using it for two years now and undoubtedly the strongest recommendation for CK3100 anytime!

by gadgetsnews.co.uk

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