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Nokia CK-20W Car Kit - Review


The Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W was the first integrated handsfree solution to combine high-quality communication, music, navigation and push-to-talk in the car launched by Nokia. The system is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and set free excellent audio quality through included DSP (Digital Signal Processing). The Pop-Port(TM) interface and Bluetooth wireless technology needs to be appreciated for this.


The drivers had to install each system separately in their cars for music, navigation or communication. The Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W
clubs all these applications in a single solution perfectly. It being able to be used with compatible mobile phone can be used as personal in-car music player music box and navigational tool in connection with the Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2.

A. Music - on mobile phone can be played in stereo quality over the vehicle speakers either through a cable connection or via Bluetooth streaming depending on the Bluetooth A2DP Profile. MP3 players like the Apple iPod can also be connected to the Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W using the cable (included in pack) or via Bluetooth - if supported by the respective player.

B. Navigation - The Car Kit CK-20W's Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2 includes the ‘ROUTE 66 Mobile 7‘ software application, which works with most S60 based Nokia mobile devices and other S60 based phones, and also included GPS receiver to hook up with the Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W. The GPS receiver does not require charging and is installed in the car for optimum performance. GPS data is transmitted to the phone over a Bluetooth connection with the help of navigation software in the car. The map is scalable with driving instructions. Cues are voiced over the handsfree system.

Pack contents

The packet contains lot of required stuff like Handsfree Unit HF-20, Input Device CU-8, Speaker SP-3, Microphone MP-2, Pop-Port Data Cable CA-76, Audio and Charging Cable CA-88, Charging Adapter CA-44, Power Cable PCU-4, Car Kit User & Installation guide.


The Nokia Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W enables you drive safely with less manual intervention incorporating brilliant multimedia features and optimal call handling via push of a button and voice. You finally can get rid of changing CDs and Listen to music wherever you go. The Navigation Support is First-Class be it for work or pleasure, the Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2 lets you plan, organize, and personalize your expedition comfortably sitting at the driver's seat.

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