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Motorola T305 Bluetooth In-Car Hands Free Speaker Kit Review

Small, Easily Transferable From Car To Car and Under £50 - A Good Alternative To A Fixed, wired In System?

Motorola T305This is interesting - instead of going for an expensive wired-in hands-free system, why not have a Bluetooth speaker system that can be transferred from car to car easily that doesn't cost the earth?

The concept behind the t305 is simple - it's a Bluetooth speaker that will automatically pair to your phone when you get in the car, then when you receive a call simply press the little button and talk. To make a call just press the button and use the voice-print voice recognition in your phone to make the call. Easy!

The unit is mounted on your sun-visor and is rechargeable, so just keep it in your pocket ready to use no matter what vehicle you're using.

So I guess we have to ask whether this type of Bluetooth kit is an alternative to the more traditional wired in kits? Well, in comparison I'd have to say that the sound quality isn't up to that of a Parrot ck3000 evo or a Motorola HF850, and the ability to do true hands free (with a trainable voice system) on the Parrot is much safer.

It comes down to your budget and if you need a system that can be transferred easily between multiple vehicles, which is impossible with the wired in kits. If that sounds like what you need, and you don't like the in-ear type, then go for the Motorola T305.

However if you're going to be needing a Hands Free kit for use in the same car all the time, I'd spend a little more and get a wired in kit that uses your car stereos speakers.

After feedback from a number of users it is also worth mentioning that sound quality varies between different phone makes & models, so make sure you try before you buy.

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