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Motorola HF850 Bluetooth In-Car Hands Free Kit Review

Budget Wired In Car Kit That Delivers The Goods - But How Does It Compare To The Parrot ck3000?

Motorola HF850Motorola have produced a great piece of kit with their Bluetooth hf850. It's a hands-free kit that is hard-wired into your car that enables easy operation of your phone legally while on the move.

The hf850 uses an enhanced microphone for your voice and a separate speaker for your callers voice - not the speakers of your car stereo, but with the right telemute lead the unit will silence the car radio when you are making or receiving calls.

The bit that is mounted to the dashboard is shown in the picture above. The blue button with the "m" on it is multifunction, for answering calls, muting voices, etc. It is quite small but still easily used and works great.

The Motorola hf850 does support voiceprint calling, where you simply say the name of who you want to contact, but only if it is supported by your mobile phone. The unit can pair with up to 4 phones, but obviously just one at a time.

In use the Motorola Bluetooth works fine. Calls are loud & clear, with no complaints from anyone I called, even though the speaker looks a little small. It has to be said that without the telemute lead installed the unit is a lot more distracting to use if you're listening to your car cd player, as you've got to turn the volume down on the player before you press the button to answer your call.

If you compare the Motorola hf850 Bluetooth hands-free kit with the slightly more expensive Parrot CK3000 Evolution it becomes apparent that it may be worth spending that little bit more on the Parrot.

Voiceprint aided voice recognition is good on the Motorola, but the built in features of the Parrot work much better, as is the ability to answer calls without having to press any buttons.

The overriding feature has to be the way that the Parrot routes calls through your car speakers rather than a separate one, making for clearer calls and one less action to do when answering the phone, which means less time with your attention distracted from driving.

In conclusion the Motorola HF850 has it's good points, but I would probably pay that little bit extra and go for the Parrot Bluetooth kit instead.

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Maybe the Parrot is better but if you have an older car that nobody makes a wiring harness adapter for it makes the installation very hard.  The biggest problem with the HF850 is the crazy loud beep it gives when it has bluetooth connection.  Even if you turn down the speaker volume the next time it connects the beep is at max volume again, VERY annoying. Hal.

Good point!

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