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Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth, Lightweight & Cheap!

Motorola h350With the recent change in the law everyone seems to want hard-wired phone kits, but they aren't cheap, not transferable, and will cost you more money when you change your car, so why not go for an in-ear solution instead?

BlueTooth headsets like the Motorola H350 can be had for bargain prices, so lets have a look and see if its any good.

First the specifications. The H350 offers 10 hours talk-time, up to 200 hours standby, and compatibility with most 1.1 and 1.2 Bluetooth compatible phones. Weighing in at about 17 gramme's, it can be used on either ear, with buttons to control volume, power & call answering. A flashing LED indicates function & can be turned off if necessary.

In use the fit of the H350 could best be termed as "loose". You really should try before you buy. It fitted my, admittedly large, ears ok, but I would imagine that prolonged use could be uncomfortable I had no problem pairing it to my Nokia mobile or cell phone, and calls were clear both for me and the person I was talking to.

When paired to answer a call simply press the multi-function button to talk, and again to end the call. If your phone supports voice recognition you can initiate calls that way too, and again this worked fine with my Nokia.

When considering the Motorola H350 as a Bluetooth kit for your car, to stay legal, you must think about how long you're going to have to be wearing it. For short journeys it is ok, but for longer ones the temptation to take it off (and rest your ear) would be too great, and then if your phone rings you'd have to struggle to put it on, turn it on and answer the call, hardly ideal.

In conclusion I'd say that this device is ok for short-term use, but as a long term car kit you'd be better off with a dedicated system.

Update: I've actually bought one of these, and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. It pairs with my Orange phone easily, has an excellent battery life and isn't that uncomfortable to use, even for a few hours. It could be a little more secure on your head (maybe its my ears...), and voice activated calls is a bit hit and miss (maybe my phone...) but its great for recieving calls, volume is loud and clear, and the people on the other end of the line can hear me ok too.

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