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New UK Mobile Phone Law - Explained

Avoid a £60 Fine and 3 Points On Your License


At its most simple: It is now Illegal to hold a mobile / cell phone or data device while the engine is running in your vehicle.


This means that if you use certain types of hands-free kits you can avoid being prosecuted under this legislation.


However if your concentration is not wholly on the road, driving and safety, you could be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.


This means that if you are involved in an accident, or you are observed driving eratically, even if you are using a handsfree mobile phone kit, you could still be prosecuted under previous legislation.


The answer is to avoid using your mobile when driving. Only use your Bluetooth hands free kit to answer calls - and make the conversations as short as possible.


Remember, it is not only your life you put at risk by taking your concentration off the road, but those of your passengers and other road users.


Use our guides and reviews to choose a Bluetooth phone kit is appropriate for what you need, and keep you and others safe on our highways.

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If the car is stationary at a traffic light and the mobile phone is taken out of shirt pocket to the side while in red light and no cars moving using a handsfree kit, is it still an offence??

Probably. If you're in the car and it's running, don't touch your phone.

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