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Sony MEX-BT 2500 Bluetooth Car Stereo Radio / CD Player With Hands Free Kit Review

This May Seem Like a Bargain - But Will It Really Give Us What We Need?

Sony Bluetooth CD PlayerIf you're looking into the different options about going hands-free for mobile / cell phone legality, the price tag of the Sony MEX-BT 2500, at under £150, could well appeal.

Instead of just getting a Bluetooth kit for around £100 why not get a brand new car stereo? Especially if your only in-car cd-player can't play mp3 CD's, or hasn't got an aux-in for your portable MP3 player, the Sony at first glance looks a good bet.

We're getting a more than capable AM/FM receiver, CD / CDRW player which can read home-burnt CD's that could be written in mp3 format. You're getting 4 x 50 watts of power, a removable fascia, and Sony's tried and trusted build quality.

The Bluetooth functions of the MEX BT 2500 can even allow audio streaming from a compatible MP3 player (which really means a Sony-Ericsson music phone), so there could be no need for messy wires.

But what we're really interested in here is this units capability as a Bluetooth Hands-Free kit, and I'm afraid to say that it really doesn't cut it in comparison to a Parrot or even a Motorola Speaker system.

The Sony is fine when answering calls, just press the fascia button and your incoming call is routed through your car speakers and your voice is picked up through a microphone on the front of the unit, which is fine.

However when it comes to making calls, all you can do is dial the last number you called. That's it. No voice recognition, even if your phone supports it. No other numbers can be stored on the cd-player to be dialled quickly. In order to phone anyone, apart from your last call, you have to use the keypad on your phone, which is now illegal in the uk!

So I'm afraid I have to advise you not to use this device if you want a Bluetooth hands-free kit in your car. Spend the money on a wired in unit to your existing car stereo, an earpiece or a speaker system, the Sony Mex-BT 2500 simply is not up to the job.

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I have actually just purchased the successor to this product:
the MEX BT2600

Sound output is great
Remote is there and handy as you can answer calls by pressing the answer on the remote and voila you are on through the system
Settings and Options for adjusting the sound levels and output are numerous and quite sufficient
Plus: the unit looks great
MICROPHONE has the option of HIGH/LOW sound recognition so you can adjust the sensitivity of that as well


Good info, thanks!

Can you put a exturnel mic to put closer like on the sunviser to make it pick up better. if so how and hoe much.this is for a sony mex-bt2500. thanks . jim

I don't think there's a plug for an extension Microphone - you're stuck with the internal one on the front of the unit.

Interesting. I was under the impression it had voice recognition. Are you sure it hasn't? Michael.

I could be wrong, but couldn't find a reference to it in
Sony's description

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