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Tamiya Skyline Nismo Clarion GT.RLM 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric Touring Car

Car Boot Bargain - Will It Work & Be Ready In Time For Xmas?


Tamiya SkylineAs you probably know if you've read much of this web site, I enjoy going to our local car boot early on a Sunday Morning to pick up some bargains. Last Sunday it was raining really hard, so people were packing up early, but I saw this remote control car, in its box, on a stall. I had a quick look at it, looked around some other stalls, but as it was raining even harder now, my Wife and I decided to call it a day. Inspired by my recent purchase of a HPI Nitro Dodge Viper, I suddenly thought wouldn't it be great if I got this Tamiya, then my 8 year old son could have it for xmas, and we could race our cars together!

Rushing back to the stall in question, I just caught the seller packing up his stuff. £15 the lighter I headed home to dry off and see what my money had got me. As the rain had been so dreadful I didn't get a good look at the car, so I had no idea what condition it was in, or what it actually was, really!

So, what did I get? Opening the box I discovered a mint condition Tamiya Skyline 1/10th Radio Controlled Electric Car, circa 1996-1998. (That's a guess, going on that it is a replica of a 1996 Le Mans Contender.) Its got 4 wheel oil-filled in dependant suspension, and 4wd. It is in as new condition, but obviously assembled and painted. The tires don't look used. The paint is excellent. There are no scuffs or marks underneath the chassis at all. This car must have only been used indoors, on very smooth and clean surfaces. Hmmm. Or could it be faulty and I've bought a duffer?

Although the Tamiya RC Skyline had the receiver and servos fitted, there was no transmitter, battery or charger, so I had to rush round to my Dads and get my old broken Tamiya Frog out of the loft, complete with some very old accessories. I charged up an old "hump" style 7.2v nicad battery, and scavenged the house for 12(!) AAs for my old Futaba Attack Transmitter.

Pulling the crystal out of the Tamiya Frog and putting it into the Skyline, I also plugged the old NiCad in. But where was the receiver battery pack? A quick visit to the Tamiya website to look at the exploded diagram showed that the receiver was wired into the main battery. First Lesson learnt.

Turning my Futaba Attack transmitter on, and nothing happened. A quick look at the battery tray, and I was rubbing at the contacts with some sand-paper where they had been slightly corroded, but not bad for 15 years in a box. Flicked the switch and the power indicator flicked into the green. Turning the car on, the servos started to chatter. Bother worked perfectly, steering then throttle. The 4wd seems great, but I couldn't test it in anger because the Tamiya Hump battery pack won't fit in it!

So what's next? Scour ebay for some cheap nicads and a charger, tighten all the nuts and bolts, take it for a test-drive then put it in the loft ready for Christmas Day, these Remote Control Cars are fast, and my son will love it!

Update: I installed the borrowed Radio Gear from my old Tamiya Frog, bought a super-duper battery and charger, everything seemed to be working fine - and then I managed to strip the main spur gear the first time I ran in it anger. Oh dear. I'm not sure why. Maybe the motor is too strong, or maybe the drivetrain was loose, but anyway the Tamiya won't be ready for Xmas. I now need a spare gear set - Tamiya part no. 05029 (4wd Touring Car & Rally Car Plastic Gear Set).

All is not lost however, as I bought another Nitro Touring car - The BMW version of the RS3!.

Some More Tamiya Skyline pics...

Skyline and box


Skyline from front, no shell

Skyline without shell

Skyline from rear

Skyline and Viper Size Comparison

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