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Tamiya King Tiger 1/16 Scale Off-Road Tank

The Ultimate Scale Model R/C Tank....


Tamiya King TigerThe Tamiya Radio Control King Tiger Heavy Tank is a truly amazing piece of kit. The Japanese company have been developing this beast for over a decade, and now its probably the ultimate off-road vehicle, in terms of sheer presence and performance alone.

What do you get for your considerable outlay? A 1/16th scale replica of the infamous German WWII Heavy Tank, electric powered, 64cm long by 23cm wide(!), with a moving turret, gun, sound effects, authentic detailing and the ability to drive almost anywhere...

The guys at Tamiya have been to France to record all the engine and mechanical noises of this Tank that brought terror to the Allies during World War Two. As the Tank accelerates the in-built speakers replicate the noise of the engine, the sound of the gun and the turret turning.

You can fire the main 88mm gun (an LED flashes) and the machine gun. An add-on pack makes combat between similarly equipped tanks possible, firing at each other from a range of up to 30 meters...

Unless you've used one of these Tanks its hard to describe how emotive they are, gliding over the ground, engine roaring away, gun recoiling as you fire, it really brings back the kid in you! Like most Tamiya models, the King Tiger requires assembly, but this is a joy in itself, with Tamiya's well laid out packs and instructions. Painting the shell to your own design adds that personal touch, no 2 King Tigers need be the same, and experienced model makers can add all sorts of battle damage and unique features.

Ok, they are very expensive, but for the R/C enthusiast that wants the ultimate in surface vehicles, the Tamiya King Tiger has to be up there with the best!

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Hey hi, i recently bought a king tiger, i realized my barrel keeps moving forward and backward (bout 4 times) after firing, after, i tried fixing it by resetting the dmd, but now the firing mechanism (both the main and machine gun ) doesnt work, Got any solutions? Ben.

I'm not sure, but I'll put the question up on the site to see if anyone else has any ideas.

is there any difference in the level of surface detail between the old and new 1/16 tamiya king tiger models? thanks a bunch.

The big changes have been the addition of synchronised sound, and the ability to use laser targetting for war-wages.

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