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Tamiya Frog 1/10 Scale Off-Road Buggy

Can I Bring The Tamiya Frog Back To Life?


Tamiya FrogI got my Tamiya Frog R/C Car in 1983 in Hong Kong, a great Xmas present, probably one of the best ever as a kid!

The Tamiya Frog Remote Control Off Road Buggy came in kit form, with no remote controls, so my Dad and I built it up, added the RC kit, and painted it. My Frog gave me hours of pleasure, we added front oil shocks, different motors and batteries.

Unfortunately, after 15 years of service, the front part of the chassis snapped in two after a particularly nasty crunch, so the Tamiya Frog was banished to the attic, along with its Radio Control Kit.

Now, many years later, I bought another Tamiya Radio Controlled kit at my local car boot, a flat-racer this time, a Nismo Gt.R.LM Skyline, for £15! Its in perfect condition, no scratches on the chassis and it looks like the tyres have never been used! Unfortunately its only got half the RC gear, a set of Acoms servos and receivers in the car, and the buyer couldn't find the transmitter. Time for the Tamiya Frog to help!

I took the Frogs Transmitter and crystal and put it in the Tamiya Skyline, charged up an old battery, and plugged it all in. It worked! Looks like my boy will be getting a very nice Christmas present!

But what of the Tamiya Frog? It looked sad sitting on the bench with its cracked chassis. I will fix it, get another set of Radio Control, new tyres, a good clean and lube, glue the frame, and the Frog will live again. Check back here for updates!

UPDATE: After a few coats of Araldite, a new 7.2v battery, new reciever battery, new crystals, and the original tyres (still in ok condition from Mum and Dads loft) the Frog was ready to roll, here's the video:

No Guts No Glory!

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HAH HAH OH WOW DUDE I'VE GOT THIS CAR, I didn't know what it was called because it didn't have its case or body and its as old as I am (I'm 17 now) Thanks man awesome I've gotten it working but the resistors at the back have gone I've found some super rare ones that will work and it had a list of names so I looked thought them and I found this cheers man. your awesome.


Great car its a classic! :)

Too Right!

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