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HPI Savage 21 Nitro Monster Truck Comes Home To Join The Pack!

Now I've Bought It, I Will Have to Finish The Restoration Project!


Savage 21 Posing With MT2If you've read parts 1 and part 2 of my Savage 21 Restoration Project, you'll know I was having some second thoughts about whether it was actually worth doing.

The uncertainty over the condition of the motor being my biggest concern - if its shot then it is a hefty repair bill right at the start.

Then last week I thought, what the hey, lets just go for it. I guess I've got addicted to Nitro Cars, what with my mt2, Dodge Viper and BMW RS4 Evo Touring Cars.

The thing about the HPI Savage 21is that its 1/8th scale - huge - and I can't stand the idea of not being able to finish something I've started. You see I know that the 21 is slower than my MT2. I know it won't handle as well. I know that there are much faster trucks out there and the 21 is old hat. Yet I still have to have it, because I know I can get it running sweetly again. Besides I've got a gallon of 20% Nitro Fuel going to waste if I don't fix it!

Since the last article I've actually purchased the Monster Truck and replaced the broken wheel hub that I had previously fixed with Araldite. I fitted a new spur gear and glow-plug. I've got some proper grade fuel, and tonight I took it out for its first real road test to see how it could run.

How did it go? Good, but not great. at first the engine was bogging down at low revs, but leaning it out seemed to make it sing. In fact the motor was doing very well, but unfortunately the 2 speed transmission was not kicking in, so acceleration was good, top speed wasn't.

Thinking it may be a power problem I leaned the engine a little more, but then the 21 Engine just started to stall at high revs. It was getting dark, and I'd forgotten the instructions on how to adjust the gear-box, so it was off home for a cuppa and to write this report.

I didn't bother with a video this time, but I did find this one on youtube, so hopefully my HPI Savage 21 will perform like this soon!

A Few More Pics Of My New (old) Savage 21

Savage 21


Savage from Side

Savage 21 With MT2

Savage From Front


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Factory Setting for HSN and LSN for my savage 21.. Havent got a manual with it.  Jus cant seem to tune my car to runn. starts fine just not tunned..? Glen.

Check this link.

I got a savage 21 and i can not get the thing started. i put all new batteries in. new glow plug . new starter.new pull cord. juat wont start . Any ideas. Stuart.

How frustrating! It's a nightmare when these things don't start so:

1) Take the glow-plug out, put it in your glow-heater using some pliers and check it lights up right to the end, if not either charge your heater or buy a new plug.

2) With the plug still out check that the fuel primer is pushing fuel into the cylinder. Put some glasses on, prime the tank and look for fuel going in, tug the pull-start to make this easier. If there's no fuel going in you could have a duff tank, leak in the fuel lines or a blockage.

3) Are you using the correct grade fuel?

4) If you've got a glowing plug and the correct grade fuel getting to the cylinder it's a tuning problem, so you need to read the 21 engine manual, put it back to factory settings and start again.
This is a good guide too.

These engines can be tricky to get started until you get used to the technique - don't give up.

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