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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo Repair - Smashed Steering Servo Mounts, Servo Horn and Exhaust Pipe...

I Thought The Steering Was A Bit Odd... Time For Mr. Araldite!


My Broken RS4If you watch my RS4 cockpit view video, you'll notice that my HPI RS 4 is steering quite erratically. At the time I just put it down to the receiver battery being low. However, when I had a look at the exhaust pipe (which I knew I had damaged), and started to tighten up various fastenings, I discovered the real problem.

At some point, during the numerous crashes I had subjected my trusty HPI Nitro Touring car through, the steering servo mounts had snapped, meaning that although the car could turn, the servo was sliding about loose and causing the car to lose trim. Luckily all the pieces were still attached to the car, so I carefully unscrewed them all and gingerly glued them back together with Araldite Rapid.

After leaving it to dry for an hour, it all seem fairly strong, so I put it back together, and the steering now seems to be ok.

As for the end of the exhaust pipe silencer that had snapped, I applied a little glue, then held it in place with a zip tie while it dried. You can just see it in the bottom picture. This too seems ok, although we'll have to see if the glue can hold when the exhaust becomes hot, or how it stands up to being soaked in Nitro fuel.

The servo horn on the steering servo also had a nasty crack and bend in it, so i just applied a couple of layers of glue to it and now it seems to be as strong as new, if a little bent.

The moral of the story? These little Nitro Radio Controlled cars are not indestructible - and I should have checked it carefully after each bash to see the damage, and it would have been easier to fix. As it was I was lucky, and my RS4 Evo is now ready to rock and roll once again.

Glued and zip-tied

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