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HPI Nitro RS4 RTR3 Fuel Pipe Repair

Spur Gear Has Chewed Through My Fuel Hose!


RS4's with the lids off.If you look at the picture to the left, of my two Nitro HPI RS4 Touring cars, squint your eyes a lot, and you can just about see the fuel line that goes from the carb to the fuel tank. (Not the one that goes from the top of the tank to the exhaust.)

On both my cars the fuel pipe goes very close to the spur gears, just brushing up against them. I have to admit I didn't think it would be a problem until one of them developed a leak in the line, the spur gear has slowly chewed through the fuel hose and a small leak had started.

Today I went down to my local model shop at got a metre of new hose for a couple of pounds, then attempted to fit it. First the fuel tank was taken up, and I took this as a chance for a quick clean up. Then I cut a slightly longer piece of fuel hose so that it would clear the gears. The pipe was attached to the bottom of the tank, and the tank screwed back into place, leaving enough play for it to still wobble to avoid the fuel foaming.

Next up I couldn't figure how to get the exhaust fuel pipe back (the pressure return pipe / line) on - but it was just a simple case of undoing the screw that holds the exhaust on at the front of the car, and slowly twisting it to get enough space to push the end of the pipe home. Job done, and by using a slightly long fuel line I have no worries about the spur gear chewing through my fuel hose again!

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