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HPI Nitro RS4 RTR3 Radio Control Failsafe Instalation

How £15 Could Save Me £100's and Avoid Transmitter / Reciever Interference Crashes...


Nitro FailsafeNitro cars are great. They're great because they're fast. But because they're fast if you crash they can brake. And brake bad.

No problem you say, I'll be careful, sure I'll have some crashes, but that's racing, and they won't be at full speed anyway.

But what if you're bashing with your favourite nitro car or truck, then someone else turns on their transmitter down the road, and you lose control. Your car whizzes off at full throttle towards the nearest concrete bollard and hits it at 40mph. There won't be much left.

That's the nightmare scenario for all Radio Control Hobbyists, and happens all too often and leads to plenty of expensive repair bills.

There is an answer - a transmitter failsafe. These clever little devices monitor the strength of the signal from your transmitter, and if the transmission is lost or becomes interfered with, the failsafe closes the throttle and applies the brake. Perfect.

I bought my fail-safe from a local model shop for £14.95, and then took it home to try to install it. The fail safe is a small box that goes in-between the recover box and the throttle / brake servo. Now there isn't much room in an RS4, but if you take the cover off the receiver, you'll find there is enough space to squeeze a failsafe next to the receiver box. Don't put the cover back on yet, as we've go to set up the size of the pulse that our little magic box will send to the throttle servo. By turning the tiny slot we can dial in how much the failsafe turns the brake/throttle servo and in which direction. After a couple of minutes I had the failsafe operating perfectly.

To test the device you just have to turn off your transmitter and watch the failsafe close the throttle and apply the brake. Perfect.

So there you have it. I, a complete novice when it comes to Radio Controlled Cars, have installed, in 30 minutes, a failsafe that could save me some hefty repair bills from Transmitter / Receiver interference.

Have you got a Nitro Car? Get a failsafe NOW and fit it before you go out again.

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