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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Radio Control Cockpit View Video

It's a Bit Wobbly & The Car Isn't Running Great, But This Vid Gives A Good Impression of Speed...


Cockpit View VideoI guess the cockpit type view video is the one I want to do the most - but it's also the trickiest.

In order to shoot this type of vid we need to find a way of safely attaching a video camera to our Nitro Car, then finding a smoothish piece of tarmac to run the car on so it doesn't shake the camcorder to pieces. I guess it would be easier using an off-road truck or buggy with softer, long travel suspension, but touring cars are what I have so that's what I've got to use.

I used my trusty vivitar cam, which is small & light and takes nice small video files that are easy to edit on Movie Maker on my desk-top then upload to youtube. Although I didn't take a picture, the video camera is actually zip-tied to the rear body mount posts, and it was quite secure, if very wobbly. The camera only came off once when I slid wide and hit a curb, which you can see about half way through the video.

Unfortunately the only chance I got to make the video was on a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I dashed out between the showers and had about 30 minutes of dry time. This did mean that I didn't have a chance to tune the engine, so it sounds very rough (the transmission sounds shot too) and the top speed isn't what it should be.

Less of the talk, to watch the video on youtube click here. (Will open a new window).

Some Screen Shots from the video....
Another Cockpit View
Last pic....

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