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HPI Nitro RS4 RTR3 Viper & BMW Clean-Up!

To Make Them Last, They Need Regular Cleaning & Maintenance...


Viper In Full Flight!Right, both the Viper & the BMW have had a couple of good runs, sometimes in slightly damp conditions, so it's time to get them sparkling and clean again.

After consulting the manuals and various forums, I've gathered together the cleaning materials I need for these Nitro Radio Control Cars.

I've got a tub of soapy water for the body-shells, some nitro fuel for to clean the air-filter elements, WD-40 to oil the air-filters and act as an "after-run" lubricant, and some nitro cleaner and de-greaser for the rest of the cars. I've also got a nice clean lint-free cloth, an old tooth-brush and some cotton-buds for those hard to reach areas.

Now I don't really care about how shiny the body shells are, just that they're clean, especially underneath. It's easy to get a build up of dirt under the shell, which could lead to it clogging up your air-filter or generally getting in and wearing out the lubricant, so the shell is delicately cleaned in soapy water.

The cars are carefully cleaned with de-greaser and a cloth, using the tooth-brush & cotton buds for the tricky areas, of which there are many, avoiding getting any dampness into the clutch. A quick spay of nitro cleaner at the end keeps everything clean but protected against water.

The air-filter elements are cleaned by pouring a little bit of nitro fuel onto the clean side, then working it through to get the dirt off. Let them dry, then a squirt of WD-40 re-charges the filter ready for the next run. Your nitro air-filters should be cleaned every 4 to 5 takes of fuel to keep the engine running smooth.

Before we put the clean air-filter back in, a quick spray of wd-40 into the carb should keep it nicely lubricated, then I take the glow-plug out & squirt a small amount in there with the piston at the bottom to protect against corrosion & seizure until the next time I go out.

All done, the cars are dry and ready to be stored until the next time!

Dirty Cars...
2 dirty cars...
Cleaning kit

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