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Nitro Adrenaline Rush.....

Why Running A HPI Nitro Touring Car Is The Best!

When deciding about which type of Nitro car to get, Monster Truck, Stadium Truck, don't discount getting a Touring car. OK, I'm biased, I've got two HPI RTR3 RS4 Evo's, a Viper Shell and a BMW, and they're great.

Touring cars have their disadvantages. They are low to the ground, so have to be run on smooth tarmac. Because of this you tend to use them in car-parks or quiet roads, which means there are plenty of nasty, very hard, kerb-stones around. A crash at high speed can be an expensive repair.

The times you can run them can also be limited. Car parks or industrial estates are busy during the day, so evenings and week-ends are your best best for a clean run. Finally there is the issue of price. A 4wd touring car is often more expensive than an entry level 2wd stadium truck, which can be used in a greater variety of environments.

So why go Radio Controlled Touring Car? Speed. Pound for pound a flat-racer will accelerate faster, have a higher top-speed, and corner way better than off-road nitro trucks or cars. All this performance can be achieved with quite small engines, which means that with standard pipes they are quieter too. (This may seem like an odd consideration until you hear how noisy a Monster Truck can be. I was using a Savage 21 recently, and believe me you feel quite self conscious when a Big-Bore engine is going full-chat - it's like an unrestricted scooter!)

I'm not saying don't buy a monster truck - just have a go with a touring car if you can. They're not the most popular, but they do have a very loyal following.

Anyway, less of the chat. click the play icon in the video at the top of the screen and see what a touring car is like in action, from the cockpit!

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