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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo Dodge Viper Second Video

Getting Clever Now, I've Added Some Music (The Car Is Still A Red Blur Though...)


Viper In Full Flight!Took the Nitro Dodge Viper out for its second proper bash today, it was a cold afternoon & the only empty car park I could find was pretty small - could only just get into second gear on the straights, then it was onto the brakes or drift at full speed on a couple of lovely turns.

Although smooth the car park was cris-crossed with drains, just too bumpy for the Viper to take at full speed.

This was my most "eventful" run yet. First I forgot to bring my Radio Control Transmitter. Then I managed to drive around without the aerial up on the car. Then I flipped the car on its roof after hitting one of those drains at full speed - the shell is now all scuffed, but it did its job and protected the insides. Finally during one of my "high speed flypasts" of the video camera I managed to hit the tripod going flat out, snapping a leg of it, scratching the video camera, and unfortunately making the camera crash and I lost 10 minutes of footage. The car was ok.

My HPI Dodge Viper touring car still needs properly tuning - it is running far too rich, but I'll have to give it a good clean, including the air-filter before I take it out again and get it really motoring.

I've taken another video of some of the run, and set it to music, so you have my apologies in advance.

To see the video on Youtube, click here. (Will open a new window.)

By the way, the video seems to freeze at the end. Don't know why, tried uploading it a few times but nothing seems to help, I'll fix it when I've got the time.

Some Screen Shots from the video....
HPI Dodge Viper
Viper at speed

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