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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo Dodge Viper First Real Run

Time For The Dodge Viper Touring Radio Control Car To Have A Good Thrash & Tune


HPI Viper RS4 Evo After The RunThe BMW had been given a good run at a local car-park, so now it was the turn of my Nitro Dodge Viper. The car-park I used for the BMW was full today, but being a Saturday a new Industrial Estate barely half a mile from our front door. Smooth Tarmac, no-one around, perfect.

Unfortunately the Dodge didn't agree, and kept stalling at full throttle. After leaning the engine out a fraction the engine started to sing, and the layout of the roads was perfect, with a nice long service road, and small car-parks leading off it.

This meant that I could get the Viper to full tilt, even in its untuned state, and hear the 2 speed gearbox change up. The road was so smooth the car was really motoring. It's amazing to see these touring cars going flat-out, the engine screaming as it zips past.

As I'd been running the BMW in a car-park, and now the Viper on this service road, I was getting a bit bored of straight line runs, so I started to try out the turning capabilities around the curves of the car-park entrances, and boy that was much more fun. The Evo has so much power that even on dry tarmac you can get the rear end drifting with a quick flick of the steering, and it looks great.

The biggest difference I have found between using electric or nitro powered cars is the difference in throttle response. With an electric powered vehicle when you pull the throttle it often feels like you're altering the speed, whereas with the Nitro powered cars because you can hear the noise and pitch of the engine change, it's obvious that it's the engine you're controlling, and this feels more "real"., and with the exhaust note echoing off surrounding buildings it's a very special feeling indeed.

A better quality video of later on in the day, on youtube, is here.

Just as I was getting used to the cornering I ran out of fuel, so it was back home, thinking of when I could run the car next. Brilliant.

Some Pics of My Dodge Viper After Today's Run...
HPI Viper
Dodge Rear View

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