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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo BMW Semi-Tuned First Real Video

The BMW Is Run-In And Ready To Roll - Here's The Vid!


BMW going full chat!Right. The BMW has been run in, and it's time to give it a real run and have a go at tuning the engine in. The nitro T-15 engine is notorious for being a bit fiddly to dial in, and I'm no expert, but after turning in the needle adjustment a fraction at a time it seems to be performing a lot better.

I want to take it slow, because if the engine is run too lean it could lead to long-term damage, and I'm not rich enough to just go out and buy a new engine! (Although the 18ss Nitro engine will be my choice - 50mph!)

These videos are here to give you an idea of just how fast these little nitro radio-controlled cars are, but it is a poor representation. You've really got to see one in the flesh, the whole experience of hearing the motor screaming, the smell of the nitro fuel, and the car zipping past so fast that it's almost uncontrollable.

Sometimes I think I'd want an off-road Nitro, like a Savage or a Hellfire, but then I use one of the touring cars and I wouldn't change a thing - they are SO FAST!


Less of the talk, here's the BMW video (On YouTube). (Will open a new window.)


Some Screen Shots from the video....
Racing away!

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