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HPI MT2 RTR 1/10 Scale 4WD Remote Control Stadium Truck vs 20 a Day!

Hmmmmm.... By Stopping Smoking I Can Afford an Off - Road Truggy - But Do I Have The Will-Power?


HPI MT2 in actionLets do the math. I smoke 20 a day, that's £4.50 down the drain. Now that works out at about £130 quid a month...

Now, I've had my eye on a nice little MT2 I've seen at a local shop. It's up for £200 - but it doesn't have a box, is missing the aerial, battery holder & cover - so I reckon I could knock 'em down a bit, maybe £150 - which would be a bargain. (The aerial Z150 is £1.99, the battery holder 80576 is £4.99, and the cover 85029 is £6.99).

Why does the MT2 appeal rather than a Savage type monster truck? Price would be the first consideration, but more importantly it's about speed, durability, maintenance and usability. The MT2 shares many parts with my RS4 Touring Cars. It has the T15 engine, which can be upgraded to the terrific 18ss (again, like the RS4's). The MT2 has a simple slipper clutch one gear transmission, so nothing to worry about there, easy to look after. Being a stadium truck, 1/10th scale, it's smaller than a monster truck, and I'm less likely to break it trying stupid jumps.

As far as top speed goes, the single speed MT2 goes almost as fast as my RS4's, although obviously the acceleration won't be the same. Add the 18ss engine and it becomes HPI's fastest off-road truck... very impressive. (Although the drive train will have to be beefed up.)

So there we have it... I want an MT2, and to pay for it I'll have to give up smoking. Quite an incentive, yes? I'll keep you updated with how I get on.... starting tomorrow, the 11th of March 2007....

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