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HPI Nitro MT2 RTR On-Board Camera Video

It's Down To The Local Drainage Pit For Some Cockpit Footage From My Radio Control 4wd Stadium Truck



HPI MT2 Front ViewWith the sunshine here at last we had a great opportunity to get down to the local drainage pit and get some more off-road practice in.

Being more used to Nitro touring cars, like my Viper and BMW, it's taking me a while to get a hang of soft suspension and big lumps of dirt in the way!

I've sort of come up with a way of fixing a small mobile phone to the back of the MT2 using zip-ties and rubber pads. The quality isn't great, but the vid gives an ok impression of speed, but it is very blurry and wobbly.

So what did today teach me about off-road driving? Well, today I felt much more confident in chucking the MT2 around at higher speeds, although this is only really possible without the camera fixed - the extra weight of the phone really makes the handling twitchy and unbalances the whole truck.

I had an idea to try and smooth out the bottom of the drainage pit with a rake, and pull out some of the plants to make a simple track, but the vegetation was too hardy and the sun too hot. The MT2 really takes some punishment when its zooming along the sandy / gravel surface, there are rocks the size of bricks everywhere, and I think perhaps it isn't the best place to bash, but it is deserted and being in the bottom of a bowl means the sound doesn't carry. Maybe I'll have another go at clearing a track with a fork and spade next time...

We do have a rather nice BMX a couple of miles away, so I think we'll be going there next - smooth gravel, and we can test the MT2 on some big jumps...

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