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HPI MT2 RTR Nitro Truck Visits The Local BMX Track

It's The Perfect Playground For Newbies and Pro's Alike....

MT2 at BMX Track

Bored with running my Mt2 around the local drainage hole, my son and I got up early one morning to get to the local BMX track so we could have the place to ourselves, which we did, as you can see from the above video.

I have to admit I was feeling a little nervous about letting the little Nitro truck free on the big jumps and doubles of the track - but it turned out to be almost the perfect playground for any off-road Radio Controlled vehicle.

When we arrived there was a chap running an R/C helicopter in the next field, so I asked him which frequency crystals he was using to make sure our transmitters didn't clash.


I fired up the HPI MT2 and warmed it up with some low rpm passes, and then it was up to the start gate. The surface was great - hard packed underneath with loosish gravel on the top, making the car slide around nicely on the turns. Giving the MT2 full throttle from a standing start the little truck rocketed towards the first big double. I of course backed off, worried about braking the car on the first jump.

I shouldn't have been worried - over the course of the next hour I managed to crash my Nitro truck several times. I barrel rolled it, cart-wheeled it, landed it on its roof, and it came away (mostly) unscathed. When cleaning and checking the car afterwards one of the screws in the rear suspension had come slightly loose - some loctite required for next time.

It was great fun at the track - with so many big jumps to practice on I was starting to understand how the truck reacts in the air - if you throttle up the truck pitches its nose up, while if you throttle down the truck pitches its nose towards the ground. Flips anyone?

The only technical hitch I had was a blown glow plug - for some reason my HPI MT2 has eaten 3 in the last week, whereas my Nitro Touring cars have only gone through 2 each in the last 6 months. Perhaps it's the dirty, dusty atmosphere, apparently dirt getting into the fuel pops glow plugs quickly.

The video was meant to be one of the truck doing a full lap of the track, but I was having to much fun and couldn't be bothered to keep lugging the tripod around, maybe I'll do a better one next time.

So if you have got a Nitro off-roader, get down to your local BMX track, it's so much better than running it on the road or down the park - just get there early to avoid the crowds!

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