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HPI Savage 21 Monster Truck Restoration Project

A Badly Abused 21 Needs A Lot of TLC, But Is It Worth Repairing, Or Buying A New One?


HPI Savage 21 Showing DamageHmmm.... a tricky one this. Now I'm addicted to Nitro cars, with the Dodge & BMW Touring Cars, I'm feeling a little restricted with where I can run those two flat racers. They need a very smooth, preferably Tarmac surface, and there aren't that many good, empty, car-parks around my area, so maybe I should look at an off road model.

No sooner had this crossed my mind when one of the lads at work mentioned that we had an old returned Savage 21 Monster Truck out the back, from a couple of years ago. Apparently it was in a pretty poor state, so I decided to have a look.

They weren't wrong. It looks like the Savage has hit something very hard on the nearside front wheel, completely snapping the linkage that holds the wheel on. The drive shaft is still in the box, as is the radio gear. I slipped a new set of batteries in, and all the servo's seem to be working ok, but I know nothing about the engine, gearbox, drive train, etc.

With these, and all, nitro engines, the running in process is very important to the life and performance of the engine, and obviously I know nothing about how this one was treated, so even if I got it running, the engine might have had it. Lets top up some prices first.

The Savage, as it is, will sell for about £160.

Ready for this... a new 21BB engine goes for... cough... £99.99!!

I think that the bit that's broken is an upright set, which is £7.99... not bad.

New fuel tank is £14.99.

New spur gear £4.99.

Ok, so if the Savage 21 starts & runs smooth it may be worth saving - but if the motor is shot then obviously it will be very expensive to fix, and I'll have to think twice. Watch this space

Update: I've got the Savage 21 working,

Pictures of the damaged Savage...
Savage Side View
Front View

Front view with shell removed


Side view with Shell Off

Close up of broken part

Rear view of savage

Side view of savage Rear view
Front view of savage Another close up of broken bit
Inside of wheel - inner what it may eventually look like!

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hi spent appx 2000 on my savage could have had a holiday on that
boys and toys.

I bet its been worth every penny...

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