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HPI Savage 21 / 25 RTR 1/8 Scale 4WD Remote Control Monster Truck

The Best Nitro Radio Controlled Car For Off Road? Read Our Review!


HPI Savage 25Woah, if you've never seen a HPI Savage 21 or 25 in the flesh, hammering over some rough ground and jumping 15 ft into the air, you'll be in for a treat when you get one.

The sheer size of these 1/8th Radio Control Cars in amazing. They're like a small dog! Bounce the Truck and the long-travel suspension seems to go on forever! Firing it up (hopefully you've got a rotostart) and the Big Bore engine rattles away, promising awesome power.

A slow start is recommended, slowly building up speed, then when you're confident put the hammer down, and hear the kick as the 2 speed gear box changes up, the Savage squats and fires off into the distance. Slow before turning to avoid a nasty roll, and then put the throttle down and bring the HPI Savage back, onlookers amazed by the speed and noise.

The HPI Savage Monster Truck, in the 21 or 25 version, is an awesome machine, amazingly fast, capable of taking on anything, but expensive to run and repair. Its amazing suspension makes it tempting to take on jumps before the driver is really ready, and leads to expensive repairs.

Would I buy one? Well I only borrowed a Savage 21 for 2 hours for this review, and I thought it was great, amazing even. But it was loud, so I felt embarrassed running it in the local park, so I went to some woods instead, where the handling led to some close misses with some very large trees. The Savage 21 Radio Control Truck is great. If I could afford over £300, I'd get one, but for now I'll stick with my Viper.

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