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HPI Rush Evo RTR 1/10 Scale 2WD Remote Control Stadium Truck Review

The Best Nitro Radio Controlled Car For Most Users? Read Our Review!


HPI Rush EvoI must admit, although I own a HPI Dodge Viper Nitro Touring Car, the Rush range of Stadium Trucks or Buggies are probably my favourite type of Radio Control Cars.

The reason? Versatility. The HPI Rush Evo can be run almost anywhere, noise and space constraints allowing. Its Stadium Truck design means it has great off-road suspension and performance, but it is low enough to the ground to retain good handling when run on tarmac or concrete surfaces, it won't roll at the first sign of a high-speed turn.

Like all Nitro remote control cars, the Rush must be treated with respect. Its not a child's toy. Using a toxic & flammable fuel, reaching speeds of over 35mph, hitting anyone or anything is dangerous. The recommended age is 15 up, but even then you must already have some experience of R/C Cars and how they behave at speed. If this is to be your first RC Car, get a cheap electric one first to get used to the controls. The hardest things are when the car is coming towards you the steering is reversed, or when its quite far away & its difficult to see where its going!

I had a Rush Evo RTR 2WD for a couple of hours for this review, I ran it on a large empty car park and an open field. Starting it up with the glow-plug heater and pull start was easy, the owner had run it in well and tuned it to perfection. The acceleration on these cars is fantastic, and getting the back end to drift out on sweeping dusty turns is easy.

Jumping over some cardboard boxes was all in he HPI Rush Evos stride, the suspension bottomed out, but no damage done. On the grass the Rush flew along, soaking up the uneven ground with ease, a real pleasure to drive.

Would I recommend the HPI Rush Evo RTR as a Nitro Radio Control purchase? Most definitely. This design is the best for someone looking to get into Nitro cars, or just wants one to run round his local waste ground. You can run it on tarmac or off-road, almost anywhere.

Drawbacks? Some of the components reflect the budget price. Brakes and Clutches wear out quickly if abused, but that's all part of ownership, and can be replaced with tougher bits from HPI.

The HPI Rush Evo. Get one now!

Comments / Questions:

i ve got the rush great car never let me down in a race aginst m dads tamiya scobby great car ave fun.


I can't seem to get the cluch right have you got any instructions. Jason.

Check out this page.

i have a rush evo and can not get the pinion gear and spur gear to fit into one another properley, any help? thanks. Joshy.

Tricky, I haven't changed one of those before - try your local model shop.

iv got a rush evo and im 13 im having trouble with it starting iv been trying to for ages if you have eny advise plz mail me at eny time and if u were thinking i was i bit young iv had lots of cars and im a gercc champion.


Download the correct instruction manual here, then restart the tunning process. Start by replacing the glow-plug, check your tank and fuel lines for leaks, and use new fuel of the right grade. Good luck!

Yep, its wicked i have now tuned mine now with a performance ehaust and a few mods to the engine and now goes a quicker topspeed. And i would reccomend to anyone (including beginners) as its really easy to drive and great fun!

My one can be seen here :)



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