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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo Dodge Viper 1/10 Scale 4WD Touring Car

I Couldn't Resist - A £250 Petrol Radio Control Car For £99 - New - Come On!


HPI Viper RS4 EvoHmmm. I'm 34. Why do I need or want a petrol powered Radio Controlled car? BECAUSE IT WAS A BARGAIN!

A local shop was clearing them for £99 - new, with controllers, etc. I couldn't refuse. I'd had Remote Control cars as a kid, always electric, but I had always wanted a petrol one, faster and longer run-times, so now I've got one, justified as an early Christmas present - I've got to put it in the loft until Xmas day! Boo!

So what do you get in a HPI RS4? Well its a 4wd Nitro (like petrol) powered Touring car, with 4 wheel independent suspension and a 2 speed gear box. The clearance is very low, so it can only be used on flat tarmac or concrete. I've heard of people raising the suspension and fitting larger tires to improve clearance for light off road, but that's not what its designed for. These babies are fast. In excess of 45 mph fast. They are not for kids.

What do I have to do next. Well, a quick review of the contents and powering up the Transmitter & Servos showed everything to be working and present. Although HPI call these cars "Ready To Run" You can't use them out of the box - I'll need to buy some fuel, some batteries, and a starter pack with the all important glow-plug heater and charger.

When I start to tune it up and get it ready to run I'll update with pictures and hints / tips, then hopefully some action pics. I'm going to try and fix my mini DV camera to the top of it so I can show you some "in car" action!

Until then my Nitro Dodge will sit in the attic awaiting Xmas day, when me and my son will race, me with the RS4 and him with his Skyline!.

p.s. I got a bit confused with the name of this car - apparently its referred to as the Nitro 3 evo..... or the Nitro rs4 3 Evo.....

Some More HPI RTR3 Dodge Viper pics...

Viper and box


Viper from front, no shell

Viper without shell

Viper from rear

Viper with radio control

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