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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo BMW M3 1/10 Scale 4WD Touring Car

A Second Nitro Touring Car Joins The Pack - It's For My Son, Honest!!!!


HPI BMW RS4 EvoUnfortunately, at the time of writing, the Tamiya Touring Car Project is still defunct, after I managed to strip the spur gear in testing... What this means is that my 7 year old son wouldn't have had a remote control car for Christmas, so when I saw another £100 HPI Nitro Touring car bargain, I snapped it up!

What I got for my paltry £99.99 was a "Ready to Run" Nitro (similar to petrol) radio controlled car - capable of speeds of over 45 mph, with its T-15 engine, 2 speed gearbox and four wheel drive!

It's worth noting that when you buy one of these kits you still need some fuel, about 16 AA batteries, and a starter kit. The starter kit comprises of a fuel bottle, wrench, and the all important glow plug heater and charger. Without that you can't start the car!

I'll be devoting other pages to the set up and running of my 2 nitro r/c cars, it took me an afternoon to run in both. Yes, I have used them, and yes, they are unbelievably fast. It's been years since I played with a R/C vehicle (my Frog was the last) and these cars are much, much, faster. I was running both on a lovely piece of Tarmac road in an industrial estate near us. Quite simply the performance of both cars, even in an untuned state, blew me away. You pull the throttle and they're gone, zipping along the road at an amazing rate. To be honest I had to take it slow, only gunning them on the straights, I was too worried about smashing into the curb!

If you've read my previous articles, you know that I've already bought the Dodge Viper version, so as soon as I've got the time I'll get some more pictures and vids!

Some More HPI RTR3 BMW pics...
HPI BMW From Front
BMW vs Viper!

Mean Machine!


Shell Off

Shell Off Front

Front View Of BMW & Viper

Close up of the 2 nitro cars Bumper to bumper!

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Hello, I have a question?  What does bmw hpi nitro cost converted to Euros?  I live self in the Netherlands.  Sit there by that car a remote control?  gr Chris.

I guess they would be about 250 Euros - find your nearest RC model shop and go and see them, or check ebay for second hand models.


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