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HPI MT2 RTR 1/10 Scale 4WD Remote Control Stadium Truck Review

Entry Level Price Nitro Radio Control Four Wheel Drive - But Not Entry Level Performance - Could This Be The Bargain of The Year?


HPI MT2When researching before buying a new Nitro R/C car, it's easy to get carried away looking at top-speeds, 2 or 3 speed gear-boxes, engine sizes and the latest "hot thing".

After all, most first time Nitro buyers are looking for a car or truck that they can use off road, is quick, performs well, and will not be too expensive to run. This is where the HPI Nitro MT2 4wd Stadium Truck comes into it's own, and it is a worthy contender as a new buy or to join a fleet of existing cars.

The mt2 isn't HPI's most outstanding vehicle, that accolade would probably go to the Hellfire, Savage SS or the Baja 5b. It is definitely not the fastest, that would be the rs4 18ss touring car, but it probably offers the best combination of speed, handling and value for money in the 1/10 scale part of HPI's off-road catalogue.

What do we get for just over £200? The HPI mt2 is a 1/10th scale four wheel drive nitro powered stadium truck. It's Ready to Run (RTR) with Radio Gear pre-installed, so it just needs a few simple set up steps then you can start to run the engine in. The mt2 uses a Rotostart system, so make sure you buy a roto start "starter pack" that should include fuel bottle, glow plug heater & charger, rotostart & charger and a couple of box-spanners for undoing the glow-plug. You'll also need 16 AA alkaline batteries to power the transmitter & receiver. Buy good ones that will last, and don't be tempted to use rechargeable.

The HPI MT2 is four-wheel driven, powered by a shaft system, so it's strong and durable. A slipper clutch is included to protect the spur gear, and at the heart of the truck is the T15 Nitro engine (rotostart version).

The T-15 is a great little motor, easy to start, fairly easy to tune, and has great performance for an entry-level nitro car. Some complain that T 15 isn't as durable as other Nitro engines out there, but run it in well, keep the air-filter clean, don't run it at full revs for long periods and it will last.

Remember that these trucks are models. They require regular maintenance and the engines need re-tuning a lot. They are not like electric buggies that are just plug in and go. Bits wear out fast (especially in off-road conditions) and you will break parts when you hit rocks, trees, curbs and land jumps badly. This is all part of the fun of owning your own Nitro high performance truck. You get to know it better after each run, when it might be difficult to start, when it is time for a service, etc.

When it comes to hop-up or upgrade time, the mt2 has some great options. You can beef up the drive-train, swap plastic parts for alloy, and most importantly swap the t15 nitro engine for an 18ss.

The 18ss is a superb, aggressive piece of kit. It comes as standard on the kit version of the mt2, but it's a great option on the RTR version. Don't change the engine before you're ready - the 18ss will make the mt2 really fly, so drive train, clutch, gears, etc will all need to be beefed up to handle the extra power - as will your driving skills.

Criticisms? It would have been nice to have a 2 speed gear box to really jack up the top-speed, but I guess HPI had to budget somewhere to achieve this price point. I'm not too fond of the colour of the pre-painted shell, but hey that's just my personal opinion and it's easily changed.

Overall I can thoroughly recommend the HPI mt2 truck to anyone wanting to get into Nitro off-road cars & trucks. It's fast and handles well. It doesn't flip over in high speed turns like a monster truck. It is easy to maintain & has some excellent upgrade possibilities. Get one now!!

Comments / Questions:

can you buy bigger wheels for the mt2
cuz if the grass is a lil bit too long.
it doesnt really picks up speed.

Check out this thread.

I have had my mt2 for 2 days now and the only problem i keep having is the bolts come out in the front hub! will thread lock be ok 2 use on it? other than that i think it is top fun! what can i do make it go a little faster though? as i have allways had the kyosho cars and they fly lol and smash up well!!! Mark.

Thread lock should do the trick, just make sure everythings clean before you apply it. Wait for the engine to bed in, then tune your MT2, then it'll fly!

It is a brilliant car. Mine is fully upgraded with a bigger engine, bigger fuel tank and better air filter. Also nearly everything is alloy. Great buy. GET ONE!! Bob.

Too right!

i have one i just have had a hard time getting it started. i think my glow plug ignitor does not have the power. it doesnt seem to fire and i have changed glow plugs and batteries in it. any ideas why? Matt.

Take the carb back to factory settings and start again. Make sure your fuel isn't too old. Borrow someone elses igniter.

i love mine but need to known were to get alum. upgrades,please help!!!!!!!! Gary.

Check out this useful discussion.

I bought one of these and its one of the best cars I have seen around for the price! I added a tuned exhaust and beefed the car up alot now it goes so fast its quite hard to control! Donghnuts are a breeze! Really this car is amazing! BUY IT! Sidd.


Seriously do not buy one of these they are terrible i have had mine a month and already had 12 problems and hpi keep on just sending new parts when they should of replace the car the first time.  There is two bolts holding the wheel to the shaft these fell out during the first time i bought it this has happened 10 times and there is now a problem with the engine splutering and cutting out.  So in conclusion DONT BUY ONE.

Mine works fine.


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