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HPI MT2 First Run Video

My Driving Is Abysmal But The Clip Gives An Idea of What The MT2 Will Be Capable of With A Good Tune...

Alright its not really the MT2's first off-road run, but it's the first one I've videoed (and the second off-road one in total), so there we go.

For this video I went back to the old method of using my trusty Vivitar Video Camera and tripod, Windows Movie-Maker Software, and obviously Youtube.

The video is shot in a drainage pit near where I live, which has a sandy, scrubby, surface, with lots of quite big stones, which I kept hitting. Luckily nothing broke and the HPI MT2 lives to fight another day.

Looking back on the video after a couple of days it makes me laugh at how nervous I was with the throttle, and how the T15 engine bursts into life when it hits it's powerband. In the whole 5 minutes of the video I probably only open up the MT-2 to full throttle a handful of times, all the rest of the time I'm just pootling around avoiding the rocks!

In fact its only really in the last third of the video that you see the little stadium truck go for it, and the acceleration when the Nitro engine gets on song is drastic, but I'm too scared and back off straight away! This is in direct comparison to how I drive my Nitro touring cars, where full throttle, second gear speed passes are the order of the day.

I know the MT 2 is slower, but it feels faster in the confined space of where I'm running it. I thought I'd miss the sound and performance of a two-speed gear box, but if the above run is anything to go by I won't be needing it! Seeing the suspension do its work, and the car going up onto two wheels (or on its lid...) adds to the excitement, and I have to say that although I was a little skeptical at first about the benefits of off-road versus on-road, I'm being converted...

Although I haven't had the HPI MT2 long, it really has impressed me and I can't wait to bring you a cockpit style video.

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