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HPI HellFire RTR 1/8 Scale 4WD Radio Control Racing Truck

As Big As A Savage, With Better Handling, More Speed And Superior Performance


HPI Hellfire Nitro TruckAt last a 1/8th performance truck, truggy, buggy, whatever you want to call it, that takes the best bits from a Savage Monster Truck and uses them in a chassis that actually delivers superb handling!

Don't get me wong, I love Nitro Monster Trucks like the Save 21, 25, etc. They are fast, strong and so much fun to drive. You can take a Savage and jump almost anything, and as long as you land clean it will drive away, ready for more. But the handling isn't the best when going round corners.

Too much suspension travel you see, so if you want something that can handle a huge motor, big jumps, but can get round corners like it's on rails, then the new HPI Hellfire might be for you.

What are we getting for our hard earned cash? 4wd, Nitro Star k4.6 HO engine, fully adjustable suspension, radio gear included. It's ready to run, so all you need to do is buy a starter pack, some batteries and some fuel, and you'll be ready to run it in and start bashing.

Before we get too carried away I guess we should discuss the merits of the 2 different designs, and how they might appeal to different enthusiasts, because these kits aren't cheap, and once you've made up your mind there's no going back.

Why should you buy a monster truck? Quite simply Nitro Monster Trucks, like HPI's Savage, are amazing fun. They are incredibly fast, 40mph+, and have the suspension to cross the most extreme terrain and jumps. I love using a friends Savage 21, even though it's slower than my Nitro Touring Cars, it's cool just to be able to run them anywhere and over any ground.

Why should you buy a Hellfire? The Hellfire is like a Savage with less suspension travel, lighter weight, but all the power. Quite simply this type of Truck goes round corners so much better and faster, is quicker off the mark, and is much stabler at high speed.

So which should you buy? I guess it's whether you prefer ultimate performance or ultimate fun. At the moment I'd go for a hellfire, but maybe that's because I enjoy my Touring Cars so much - the Savage type Monster Truck is still a great buy, so I'll leave the final decision up to you.


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