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HPI Firestorm 10T RTR 1/10th Scale Nitro Radio Control Stadium Truck

New G3.0 Nitro Power, 2WD, The Rush Replacement Is Better & Faster!


HPI FirestormThe HPI Rush rtr is being discontinued and being replaced by the hotly anticipated 1/10th scale Firestorm RTR - HPI's entry level nitro powered stadium truck.

Many dismiss the concept of 2wd Radio Control off-road buggies, preferring the larger 1/10 scale Monster Trucks like the various versions of the Savage, but trust me these 2wd trucks are just as much fun, cheaper, and easier to repair when things go wrong.

The Firestorm R/C Nitro Truck features HPI's new engine, the G3.0, and many of the design features have been taken from the Hellfire. Along with the new engine, we have better suspension, improved geometry, a lower centre of gravity and great new tyres.

The Firestorm really looks the part. The Rush Evo was ok, but with a wider rear wheel base and new shell the Firestorm sits aggressively, ready to rip up your local trails.

Having 2wd instead of 4wd leads to great handling opportunities. You may not have the grip associated with four wheel drive, but what you get in return are great drifting moments, superb donuts, and what I would call the old-school buggy experience, which is high top speed and long sweeping turns on loose surfaces.

You'll been more careful with your HPI Firestorm than you'd be with a Savage, the Firestorm doesn't have the huge suspension, so although big jumps are possible, this truck rewards thoughtful driving and a more considered approach.

The Firestorm is a hoot on tarmac as well as the dirt. A lower centre of gravity means that although not a touring car, you can get some great drifts. Its best if you go on tarmac just after it's been raining, the lack of grip adds to the fun without ruining your tyres.

All in, I would have to recommend the HPI Nitro Firestorm to anyone thinking of getting into Off-Road Nitro Remote Control Cars. It's Ready to Run (RTR), so all you need to buy are a starter pack, fuel and some batteries. Follow the manual for running in & tuning and you'll be having fun in no time. HPI also include a really good DVD to help you, showing how to run in and tune your R/C car.

The HPI Nitro Firestorm RTR. Get one now!

Comments / Questions:

do u need a glow start thing or is it electric start ???

You always need a glow-starter with all nitro engines, this one is a pull-start engine.

So im wondering what size of bodies would fit the firestorm? Could you help me out? Thanks. James.

Check out this link.

Hey i really want a firestorm but i dnt know which one to get. The Hotbodies lighting gt10 stadium or the firestorm? Mark.

A lot of it depends on what your mates are running, and what the local hobby shop sells, because you want a car that you can ask other peoples advice about. Both will be great cars, so you can't really go wrong.

witch one is faster electro or nitro? Jaap.

Nitro have higher top speeds, but a good electric is quick off the mark, a lot cleaner to run, and no starting hassles. But they just don't sound like a nitro.....

when i start the engine i can get it to almost full throttle but when i try full throttle it runs for a few seconds the struggles and cuts out. Callum.

It sounds to me like you're still in the running in phase - so you're probably running a little rich, so start leaning the engine out according to the instruction manual. Remember that if you get stuck, return to factory settings and start the tune-up process again. Stick with it, that's half the fun.

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