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HPI Baja 5bRTR 1/5th Scale 2WD Remote Control Gas / Petrol Powered Car

Forget Small ;) Nitro Radio Controlled Cars - This Beast is 32" Long! Read Our Review!


HPI Baja 5bThe HPI 1/8 scale Baja 5b ushers in a new ere in R/C cars. This thing is big, powerful and so fun to drive.

Big kits have been around for a while, but the HPI Baja is virtually ready to run out of the box, is supremely reliable and very, very tough.

The guys at HPI have come up with a beast that runs off ordinary Gasoline or petrol, with that 2wd that makes power drifting supremely satisfying and easy for the expert and novice alike, throwing the Baja around your local dirt track is brilliant fun, launching off jumps and berms, the car is well ballanced and a joy to drive.

Like all HPI kits the Baja is very well made and laid out, making in the field repairs easy, lots of thought has gone into making this Buggy as easy to maintain as possible. HPI know you will brake parts, and they don't want to make you struggle for hours to change them.

The fuel the Baja uses is petrol mixed with high grade 2 stroke oil, the engine is a 2 cycle piston variant, giving great performance over most rev ranges, but their can be no doubt that the Baja performs best when going at full tilt, sure it would be nice to have 4wd, but that not the point with this type of buggy, its all about having fun and bashing around your favourite off-road area.

Would I buy a Baja? Well, they're expensive and huge, so there isn't that many places to run it, butif you get one I'm sure you'll travel any distance to find the perfect play-ground!


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