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Fitting A Failsafe To A HPI MT2 RTR Nitro Truck

This Little Device Could Save You Hundreds Of Pounds In Repair Bills...

You should always fit a failsafe to any nitro radio controlled vehicle - it is a small electronic device that will help to prevent "runaways", when you lose control of your truck and it zooms off into the distance, usually at top speed towards the nearest brick wall or lake, resulting in an expensive repair bill or a written off truck.

Fail-safe's are not expensive - unusually between £10 and £15 and can be easily fitted and adjusted in less than ten minutes, but will safe you hours of work later on. The failsafe fits between the receiver and the throttle servo. When it detects loss of signal due to battery failure, out of range or interference from another transmitter, the fail safe closes the throttle and applies the brake, allowing you to retrieve your vehicle undamaged.

The fail safes I have used cannot protect the truck in the event of a main power failure in the receiver battery, say if the power switch is knocked off, so I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows of and used, such a device.

The first thing to do is read the instructions, and then read them again. I also recommend you clean your Nitro car before you start, and as you take it apart to fit the failsafe clean those bits to. With the HPI MT2 RTR there is enough space for the device inside the receiver box cover, as you can see from the above video.

Before you close it all up again you have to set the throttle / braking point. This varies by device, so consult your instructions. With my failsafe you simply turn on the receiver, turn off the transmitter, and using a small screwdriver turn the pot until the servo applies the required amount of brake. Other units work by leaving the transmitter on, applying brake via the trigger or stick, then pressing a button on the failsafe.

Test the unit by pushing your truck along and then turn off your transmitter. The truck should stop. Put it all back together then take it to your local park for a powered test. Fire your Nitro car up, run it at low speed, then turn your transmitter off. The car should stop and the engine should be idling. Done!


can i fit a savage x engine and  tank in my mt2 nitro stadium truck?

Only with a lot of changes - you'd have to make a custom mount and upgrade all the drivetrain - the power of the Savage Engine could simply rip your truck apart. It's not really worth doing. For more speed go for an 18ss engine instead.


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