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HPI Nitro Rs4 RTR3 Evo BMW First "Run In Anger"

She's Run In & Ready to Tune, But I Only Had 30 Min's Spare - My First Real Go With My New Nitro Radio Control Car


HPI BMW RS4 Evo After The RunI was nervous, I mean I'd run the HPI Nitro 3 Evo in properly, according to the instructions, but I hadn't tuned it yet. The BMW had also given me the most trouble in set-up, a slipping throttle linkage had me wondering why it wouldn't tick-over properly, but with that sorted the Evo was ready for a proper car park bash, and potentially time for trouble.

You see, I'm 33, a little old to be coming back to Radio Control Cars. My excuse is that the BMW and the Dodge are really for my son, but he's only 8, and these beasts do about 40mph, way to fast for him (or me really) to control. But they were going cheap (£100 each, down from £260), so had could I refuse?

Standing in a deserted local car park, I felt a little foolish, a grown man playing with a toy, but hell, I was there now, and although I didn't have enough time to tune the BMW I could give it a good run. I had only previously run the car slowly in the road, but this car-park looked perfect. Smooth Tarmac. It had been raining earlier, so the surface was slightly slippy. Great.

The RTR popped into life at the first pull of the starter, and sat that burbling away nicely, no hint of it's earlier throttle problems. I eased the throttle back and swung the car in a nice, slow loop of the car-park, letting the engine warm up. I was starting to smile, the last time I played with a fast (albeit electric) Radio Controlled Car was when I was 12, and this little BMW was bringing back all that excitement and anticipation.

I ran the little nitro car in large circles at about quarter throttle, reversing the direction and crossing the car park back & forth, getting used to the steering and throttle response. Now it was time to open her up, and the BMW shot forward, racing through it's rev range, forcing me to pull on the brake as I had run out of room. I stopped the car. This thing was fast, even in its un tuned state. Faster than any other Radio Control Car I had driven. Although large, it looked like this car park was too small for the RTR3. Amazing.

The Nitro BMW was everything I had anticipated and more. As I got more confident I used the slippy surface to do massive 50 ft power slides, often cooking it too much and spinning out, or fish-tailing it left and right, slamming on the brakes and just missing the surrounding walls. It's such a shame that I was by myself and I had no one to video or take some pictures of the BMW drifting around, it looked superb and sounded great too.

Now I had come to the car-park to tune the HPI Nitro 3 Evo Touring Car, but I was enjoying myself so much that I ran out of fuel before I had even touched any of the needle settings. I only had a little fuel left, so decided to save the tuning for another day, and carried on drifting around on the damp car park surface. At this point the engine started to play up - I think it was running far too rich - and it kept stalling at full throttle - so I called it and day and headed back to my chores at home.

As I was driving home I couldn't stop smiling and thinking about when I would run the car again - probably the Dodge next, tune that in, then return and tune the BMW in as well. It was just so much fun! I also started thinking about the problems of running in car-parks - they're aren't that many empty ones around that are smooth enough - and I think I may be warming towards a monster truck than can be used anywhere. You see we've got what looks like a knackered returned Savage 21 at work, missing several bits, but i'm thinking of repairing it and buying it. I've given up smoking today, and what better incentive than to buy a Savage if I can keep off the ciggies for a month? (And fixing it will keep my mind off smoking..) "Game on!"

More HPI BMW pics taken after today's thrash..
BMW Front View

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