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The Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Men

Want I Want For Xmas...

Xmas is just around the corner, so I thought I'd put together a list of the Top Ten Gifts For Men this Christmas, some of the best gadgets that I've got, or would like (are you listening darling?)!!

1) TomTom 710 Car GPS Navigation Device. This little beauty will ensure your man never gets lost on the way to an important meeting, and will stop you both arguing about which is the right way on your holiday. The Tom Tom will guide him around the UK and Europe. Its got a Bluetooth hands-free kit so he won't get done for using his mobile phone, and it will warn him of speed cameras as well. Its got all the latest features, a great Christmas Gift!

2) Ipod Video 60gb MP3 player. Its here, and its so good! Most married men would never justify spending this amount of money on an mp3 player, but what a great xmas gift! This will hold his entire music connection, 15000 songs, he can download pod casts, watch videos, view photos, play games and organise his day. Phew. Its expensive, but I know I want one!

3) Sony Cyber-Shot H2 Digital Camera. Ok, he's probably already got a digital camera, but maybe it's time to upgrade to this fantastic model from Sony. If he's at all into his photography this will be the best Christmas present ever, without spending silly money. Why? The Sony H2 has a 12x optical zoom, 4 times better than most compacts, so he can get great close ups. It will take movies with sound, and really looks the part, like a pros SLR.

4) HP IPAQ HX2190 Pocket PC / PDA. This is one of the latest Pocket PC, jammed with all the latest features and gadgets. It'll help him organise his day, he won't forget those important dates or birthdays. He can take all his important documents with him, its compatible with all the right formats, and has Pocket Versions of Word, Excel, etc. Its got Bluetooth, SD slots, a wicked work tool that he will love.

5) Pure Oasis DAB Digital Radio. DAB has taken radio to the next level - CD quality sound, more channels with better reception. The Pure Oasis is a great Christmas gift because it does so much more - its rechargeable, so he can listen to it while in the shed, its weatherproof, and he can plug his Ipod into it. Brilliant!

6) Remington R7 Diamond Series R720 Electric shaver. More than a shave, using one of these is more of a facial massage. The ultimate grooming gift for you man at xmas. Rechargeable. Carbon coated blades. I would buy the company.

7) Wharfedale 37in Widescreen digital High Definition LCD TV. Ok, this would be a Christmas Gift for the whole family, but a HD TV will transform your viewing time. HD TV has amazing clarity, with true to life colours and sound. Dolby digital sound, the next generation in viewing. But you will have to put a time lock on it so he doesn't forget the DIY.

8) Worx Revolver 710W Hammer Drill. Now I like my power tools, and this Italian designed Beast has a unique handle that makes drilling through the hardest services easy. The grip swivels around so you can put all our force safely behind it. Its a great gift, and I want one too!

9) Phil Taylor Home Darts Centre. A fun one next, but stick it up in the Garage and it'll give him hours of fun. Its the dart board in its own cabinet with score board, darts and measuring tape. Great!

10) The best until last? What is my recommendation for best Christmas Gift for a man? A cuddle, cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich before all the excitement starts, but most important of all, please pretend that the presents he's bought you are the best, even if they're not!


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