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The Perfect Pocket PC....

What I Want From A Mobile Device...

The Perfect Pocket PC?Using pocket pc's / pda's / Psion's, etc. for the past few years, I thought I'd write down what I would want in the "perfect" portable computer.

What would I be using it for? Mainly for working on my websites, writing & uploading content, doing research & surfing the web. I'd like to be able download video and photos to it while I'm on holiday, and listen to mp3 and watched ripped DVD's.

What would it look like? The Psion 5 would be the template, with its excellent keyboard and largish screen, retaining the folding clam shell design for compactness. I would keep the touch screen, but it would have to be full colour and of a higher resolution., visible at night with a back-light. The keyboard would be illuminated too to aid typing in low light conditions.

The unit would be tough. No cracked screens or broken hinges here, a metal or rubberised case would do. The screen would be very scratch resistant, and it would come with screen protectors & a leather case for extra protection. Battery life would be at least 12 hours in use and a month without use, using rechargeable batteries with a memory back-up button cell. The rechargeable pack could be replaced with AAs if you didn't have access to the mains.

Connectivity. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and infra-red. A network port, USB 2, and built in modem. SD / MMC slot to transfer images & video. This pocket pc would have mobile phone capability, accepting any sim cards, then using the built in speakers or Bluetooth headset for phone operation.

We'd be running on windows, with all the full applications, so I could use word, excel, dreamweaver, etc, and it would sync with your desktop or lap-top when connected.

The mini pc would have a 60gb hard-drive, 1gb of ram, and an extremely quick but power efficient processor, start up time would be seconds.

I think I've included everything, so listen up pc manufacturers, I want want one of these soon, and I don't want to pay more than £300 for it!!!

Wait! I've thought up some other features for my Pocket PC! I want an integrated GPS receiver and separate windscreen mount so I use it for Navigation in the car and on foot. I want a radio receiver. A TMC traffic receiver. Oh, and a TV tuner. That should do....

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