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Home Network Problem Solution

Computers Will Not Talk - How I Solved My Network Error

I use a network of 3 PC's at home. My broadband is connected to the main computer with a USB modem, then a network card transfers connection to a network hub, which shares resources and the internet conection with my other pcs on a MS Home network, setup using the Windows XP Network Connections Wizard.

This worked fine for years. Ok, sometimes the firewall would get in the way, or someone would unplug the hub, but its a cheap and reliable method....... until a couple of weeks ago.

I was playing around with some USB wireless dongles, and after uninstalling the drivers and running Ashampoos Winoptimiser suite I found that my computers would no longer talk to each other or share the internet connection. I would get all sorts of errors like, Unable to Repair Connection, Waiting for Network Address, Cannot obtain IP Address, etc. What was the problem? I didn't know. To solve it, I tried running the Network Connection Wizard again on all pc's, but nothing worked. Something had corrupted my registry, so I started a search on the web.

I come across the programme WinsockXPfix, which is available here, with instructions.

After running the program, and rebooting my pc, everything worked fine. Now I know it hasn't solved my network error completely, as I have to re-run it every now and again, but it does get the computers communicating with each other, which is fine by me!

If I come up with a more permenent solution, I'll update this article, hopefully though WInsockXPFix will help you with your network problem.

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