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How To Easily Drain Your Metal Frame Intex Pool

Using The Filter Pump To Do All The Work....

Draining the Pool!As I'm writing this article, its the end of August, and as usual for the UK the weather has taken a turn for the worse, so its time to dismantle our 12 ft intex pool for the winter.

We've had our intex pool for 4 years now, and its one of the best things we ever bought, but draining it ready to put it away has always been a pain, so a couple of years ago I came up with an easier, quicker (and dryer!) way to drain a large pool.

What you'll need to do this depends on how far away your pool is from your drain. Our intex pool is about 15 feet away from the drain, so I use an old piece of drainpipe, a brick, a couple of buckets or chairs, and a hosepipe connected to the water supply ready to "prime" the pump. More on that in a minute.

According to the manual and instructions, the way to drain this type of pool is to use the special attachment on the end of a hose, screw it into the drain hole, the let the water drain out. In practice this doesn't work well at all. The water comes out in a trickle and it takes days to drain the pool. If there's any slant up from your pool to the drain, no chance. You end up sloshing half the water out and ruining your garden.

Now my way! We're going to use the pools filter pump to drain the pool! It works really well & fast, with a minimum of spillage, and with practice you can suck up every last drop of water! So what do we do?

First, find the plugs for the drain holes. Next loosen the jubilee clips that hold the inlet and outlet pipes on, then pull the filter covers free from inside the pool. Insert the plugs and pull off the pipes, remembering which one is in and which one is out.

Now set up your old drain pipe between your drain, and rest the other end on a chair or bucket so that it is on a downward angle towards the drain. Next get your filter pumps and pipes, shove the outlet into the end of the drain pipe and put the other end into the pool, just letting it float around. Place your brick into the pool where you will be putting the inlet pipe.

Next we set up the power supply to the pump. Remember we're working near water so an RCD is a must. Don't plug the filter pump in yet, just offer it up so a quick final push will get it started. Now turn on your hosepipe, and push it into the inlet end of the filter pipe. The filter pumps and pipes will quickly fill up if your hold the end above your head. Unscrew the top of the filter pump to let out any air. When you hear the water coming out into the drain, leave it a few seconds then push the pump plug home.

Now dunk the inlet pipe into the pool, pull the hose pipe out, and weigh the inlet pipe down with the brick. Your swimming pool will now start to drain! Easy!

It normally takes about 3 hours to drain our intex pool, you may have to "prime" the pump again with the hosepipe if you get any air blocks, or when the water level is very low.

When the pool is almost empty I chock up the legs with buckets, chairs, etc so the water that is left is deeper. You will always get a tiny bit left, but enough to bail out by hand. Sorted!

Now, draining your pool like this will invalidate its warranty and that of the pump, so only do it on older pools. We are working with electricity and water, so an RCD must be used. Keep children and pets away and safe. Do not leave the draining process unattended, you will have to switch the pump off if it runs dry.

Now just look forward to next year and splashing around in your paddling pool again!


Pipe into Pool!

Pipe to pump!



Pump Plugged in!

Pump to drain!


how do i close my intex pool for the season....its a 12x12 and has the metal rails. April.

First drain and clean it, letting it dry. Then take all the legs off, then dismantle the metal ring, and finally get someone to help you fold it up and put it back in the box. Give the filter a good rinsing too, or buy another one ready for next year.

Please i need help a friend gave us an intex pool we only realised after setting it up we have no connections to empty it. No hose pipe connector or plugs we need to empty as soon as because the weather is really bad has anybody got suggestions. Sabrina.

Just find a local pool / spa / jacuzzi shop and they'll be able to order the spares, or may have them in stock.

i am very very mad about this pool. i have bought one from wal-mart and it split in the seams and i took it back and traded for another one. this year i had cleaned this pool out and the same thing has happend it split right in the seam again.i think that the pool should be able to be used more then two mths. it was the 4x15 on flat land nothing around it i had just started to fill and the seam on the bottom was split. so you can see why i am very disapointed in the pool.......Deedra.

Our's has been realy good - we've used it every Summer for five years without a problem.


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