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Doom Collectors Edition Review

Remember The Best FPS - Get DOOM Again!!!

doom screenshotWhether you're a long time Doom fan, or a new convert, Doom is still one of the best first person shooters ( fps ) that you can play, and definitely the easiest to pick up.

First up, problems with running Doom Collectors Edition on Pcs running Windows XP. If, like me, you install Doom CE and find that it doesn't run properly, the graphics and visuals are squashed up in the corner of the screen, then you need to run the programme in compatibility mode.

Right-click on the short-cut for Doom CE on your desk-top, then click properties. Click on the compatibility tab, and choose the "run in compatibility mode" option, and choose Windows 95. Also tick the 640 by 240 box. Doom CE (and Doom II and Final Doom) will all know work when you do the above.

So, why is Doom still so popular and playable today, 10 years after it was first released? I guess because like all the best games, computer or otherwise, its very easy to pick up, but hard to master. At its basic level you run around looking for keys and switches to open doors, while blasting away at a myriad of enemies. You find the keys, exit the level, and there's a new puzzle to solve. At the end of each chapter there is a boss which takes a bit of thinking to decide how to defeat, but they mainly revolve around firing and running away.

Doom never has the frustration of losing a life and having to start a level again. Now I know there is a whole discussion about whether infinite saves actually spoils game play, but to the novice being able to save your game every few seconds is a boon, you rarely die and don't get bored playing the same levels over and over.

Doom is very addictive. Just one more level you'll keep saying as the clock ticks to two in the morning... because you know it won't take much effort to get even further into the game.

Controls, with auto aim, arrows, strafe, activate and shoot are as simple as they come. You might not have played Doom for years, but you'll pick it up again straight away. More modern games just aren't that instant.

Once you get better at Doom you will start trying to find all the items, secret rooms and beat the fastest times. Get online and compare scores with other addicts. Be totally frustrated when you can't get that final 100%. Enjoy every minute.

Ok, there may be better FPS shooters out there. Goldeneye. Perfect Dark. Medal of Honor (the Arnhem level). Half Life. But can any of them run on your old laptop and have you blasting Demons like you were 16 again? I think not. DOOM. You know it makes sense!

such an epic game, got in to it on PS1, (i was.. eight years old? :O
saw the collectors edition in GAME one day, and knew i had to have it. still got to see if that Club Doom level exists on this disk tho. Definitely a classic. Kingzit


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