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Great Old Classic Games #1

The Best Retro Games - A Quick Article #1

smash tv screenshotok, no messing, the best pc and video games of all time, in no particular order? I've picked ones that you could still pick up and play today (using the appropriate emulator for your pc, or by buying second hand kit).

You have to gave way back to the Apple 2 for my first choice.... One on One with Dr. J and Larry Bird - 1 or 2 player basketball heaven, just you, your opponent and the hoop. Throw in some nifty moves, and even the backboard shatters once in awhile - there's never been a better b-ball game since.

Next up is another Apple 2 game - the superb Aztec. Inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark, you have to guide your Indy through a maze of tombs ever downwards, to find the Jade Idol. Harassed by scorpions, spiders, crocodiles, cannibals and flesh eating plants, your character was controlled by about 12 different keys - hard to master, no joysticks here!

If you has a Spectrum, Elite was a must-have game. 3d space dog-fighting, exploration and trading. This game was massive, I never finished it, and it still stands up well today.

Back to the Apple II with SkyFox, an arcade fighter-bomber game, where you defended your base from attacking tanks, bombers and mother-ships, using cannon and guided missiles. The graphics were amazing for the time, and the tension as 4 mother ships closed in on your position while you desperately tried to fight them off was fantastic.

Remember Karateka? Simple to play, just run from left to right, katrate-kicking and punching warriors and a seriously angry eagle, finishing off with a tough boss. Superb. In a similar vein was Bruce Lee, more of a platform adventure with lots of jumping and fighting.

The memories are flooding back now. Did you play Conan the Barbarian? A 2 disc special, our axe-throwing, somersaulting hero battling his was through a myriad of levels, finishing off (I think) by battling a huge eye.

2 helicopter games next. The simple Choplifter, where you had to rescue hostages, and the superior Rescue Raiders, where from your lone helicopter you commanded a 2d army of tanks and infantry, helping them towards an attack on the enemy stronghold.

On to the SNES. So many good titles, where to start?

My favourites included UN Squadron, a great arcade-style fighter-bomber game, with loads of weapons and air-craft. Super Aleste, a manic top-down shooter with unbelievable graphics. They don't make games like that any more!!

We can't leave out Street Fighter 2, Ryu, Ken & co., or the wonderful Super Probotector. Download them and see what all the fuss is about.

Ok, back to some real classics, this time on the N64.

World Driver Championship. Forget Gran Tourismo, this is the superior racing simulator, where driving skill means more than a souped up car. Drifting around the track before it came a cliché, World Driver offered some of the best graphics in a ridiculously addictive package.

I know its famous from the PlayStation, but the first time I played Resident Evil 2 was on the N64. The Resident Evil series of games are probably my favourites. Simple exploration, with real scares and plenty of nervous gun-play. Unbeatable.

What's next? On the Nintendo 64 is has to Perfect Dark, which is Goldeneye doubled. FPS extraordinaire, ok story, great guns, great levels. It takes a bit of getting used to, but when you get into it you won't look back.

Right I'm bored now, but don't worry I'll be back with some more classics from video game heaven, just one more for the road.

The best game of the game ever? Smash TV, at the arcade, on the SNES or many other platforms. Trying to avoid dozens of enemies while shooting in the other direction and taking on the most difficult bosses in arcade history. "I Love It!" "Total Carnage!" Smash TV - play it & believe!!


smash T.V. is genius!!!!

Too right!


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